Synaptics Inc

Synaptics Inc

Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA) is a leading developer of human interface solutions for the mobile computing, communications, and entertainment industries. The company creates leading human interface solutions for a variety of devices including notebook PCs, PC peripherals, tablets, and mobile phones. The TouchPad™, Synaptics' flagship product, is integrated into a majority of today's notebook computers. Consumer electronics and computing manufacturers use Synaptics' solutions to enrich the interaction between humans and intelligent devices through improved usability, functionality, and industrial design. For up to the minute Synaptics news, follow @SynaCorp on Twitter. For more information on Synaptics' products and solutions please visit
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Synaptics Inc
24 Nov 2023

The Automotive Display Eco-System - A Complex Environment

Modern automotive interiors are evolving at a tremendously fast pace, moving past the mechanical dials and becoming fully electronic. The key attributes of these electronics are noticed by consumers, such as the design of the display, its curvature, brightness, and type of technology, i.e., OLED or LCD, when, in reality, there is a lot more that goes into building the display and assembling the entire unit.
23 Aug 2023

Automotive Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He and Sam Dale
14 Aug 2023

Displays for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale and Dr Xiaoxi He
1 Aug 2023

Synaptics Inc

Founded in 1986 by Federico Faggin and Carver Mead, Synaptics Inc. are currently headquartered in San Jose, California. They are a publicly traded company that deliver human interface hardware and software. Key products include touchpads for laptops, finger biometrics used in smartphones, display drivers and smart home voice and technology.
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10 Jul 2020

Sensors 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
28 Jan 2020


IDTechEx met with Peter Kurstjens and Oliver Glenz, CEO and BD Director (respectively) of Aito.
20 Nov 2018

Thin Film Electronics ASA appoints Kevin Barber as new CEO

Thinfilm's Board of Directors has appointed Kevin Barber as CEO, effective from 26 November 2018. Prior to joining Thinfilm, Kevin Barber served as Senior Vice President, General Mobile Division of Synaptics, a NASDAQ listed company.
15 Nov 2018

Sensors For Ambient Computing

Synaptics, Inc.United States
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
21 Aug 2018

Sensors are the stars of the Show

Sensor technology is a key piece for a number of applications including robotics, Internet of Things, consumer electronics, smart city/home, smart factory, etc. Sensor innovation is often an important motivation within various industries.
11 Apr 2018

Fingerprint Sensors Become Invisible

Synaptics, Inc.United States
31 Jan 2018

New thin transparent and lightweight touchscreen pressure sensor array

Researchers have demonstrated a new technology for 'force sensing' that can be added to any type of display, including flexible devices, and potential other uses go far beyond touch screen displays on mobile devices.
19 Dec 2017

Industry-first optical-based fingerprint sensors for smartphones

Synaptics Incorporated announced an industry-first family of Natural ID™ biometric authentication solutions that leverage high-performance, highly secure optical-based fingerprint sensors for smartphones and tablets.
15 Nov 2017

Fingerprint Sensor Integration

Synaptics, Inc.United States
26 Sep 2017

Sensors are the stars of the IDTechEx Show!

Sensors conference features the latest technologies for Healthcare, Wearables, IoT, and Mobile devices.
10 May 2017

Fingerprint Sensing - Moving Beyond The Button

Synaptics, Inc.United States
6 Sep 2016

TouchNetix Ltd

IDTechEx interviewed Chris Ard, the Managing Director of TouchNetix. They are a touchscreen technology developer including force touch implementation.
7 May 2015


29 Apr 2015

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors: Tiny Touchscreens

Synaptics, Inc.United States
1 Apr 2015

Wearable, automotive and IoT drive sensor growth at IDTechEx Show!

The last decade has seen the cost of sensors fall to an average sales price of 50 cents from several dollars, driven first by the increase in sensors for automotive followed by consumer electronics such as smart phones. The next phase of volume growth will be driven by wearable technology, IoT and driver assisted/autonomous vehicles. This is also driving work on new types of sensors, such as flexible, larger area ones.