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Technical University of Denmark
21 Mar 2022

Flow Battery Stores Power in Simple Organic Compound

The intermittent supply of green electricity requires large-scale storage to keep our power grids stable. Since normal batteries do not scale very well, the idea of using flow batteries, which store electricity in a fluid is attractive. However, these batteries contain rare metals and are expensive. Scientists have designed a flow battery electrolyte that may solve both problems.
27 Jan 2022

New Ultra-Fast 3D Printer Works like a Reverse Scanner

A new 3D printer combines the principles of a CT scanner with light modelling of materials to produce objects with unique property combinations in record time.
29 Oct 2021


BluSense Diagnostics is an in vitro diagnostics company with core technology in microfluidics and immuno-magnetic assays for point-of-care testing of infectious diseases. IDTechEx analyst Andy Ko spoke with BluSense CEO Maarten van der Linden and CSO Dr Marco Donolato on 29/10/2021.
1 Oct 2021

Electronic Glove and Gaming Make Rehabilitation Fun

After a hand injury, it is important to follow a rehabilitation programme to ensure a quick recovery and re-establish strength and function of the hand. The material belongs to the CareGum family. This particular one is thermo-electric, based on silk and has a number of features that makes it versatile and excellent as a wearable sensor on the human body.
31 May 2021

World's Smallest Fruit Picker Controlled by AI

Physicists have studied whether valuable chemical substances can be harvested directly from the cells of plants. Using a harvester measuring only a few microns, they have now achieved a technological breakthrough.
27 May 2021

Lithoz GmbH

Lithoz GmbH is an Austrian-based company manufacturing and selling ceramics 3D printers and materials using their Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) technology. IDTechEx spoke with Isabel Potestio, Business Development & Sales Manager at Lithoz GmbH.
26 Aug 2020

Biostimulants and Biopesticides 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
4 Jul 2020


BioPhero is a Danish company developing new methods of producing insect pheromones that can be used to control pests without needing environmentally damaging synthetic pesticides.
25 Feb 2019

Breakthrough in the search for graphene-based electronics

For 15 years, scientists have tried to exploit the "miracle material" graphene to produce nanoscale electronics. On paper, graphene should be great for just that: it is ultra-thin - only one atom thick in fact and therefore two-dimensional, it is excellent for conducting electrical current and should be ideal for future forms of electronics that are faster and more energy efficient.
13 Jun 2018

Fiber Lasers 2018-2028: Technologies, Opportunities, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
15 May 2018

Optimising management of microgrids

Guillermo DomĂ­nguez, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research said that future power systems with high penetration of renewable generation and ICT will facilitate better controllability and observability of the grid. However, new challenges for low voltage distribution networks have arisen where the increasing distributed generation is mainly PV installed on the roofs of buildings.
10 Dec 2015

Storing electricity in paper

Researchers have developed power paper - a new material with an outstanding ability to store energy.
9 Dec 2014


23 Sep 2014

X-ray imaging paves way for novel solar cell production

Scientists have developed a method that can reliably produce efficient tandem plastic solar cells of many metres in length.
30 Jul 2014

New catalyst paves the way for eco-friendly fuel

Researchers have developed a platinum-yttrium catalyst which is stable and even more active than the existing platinum catalysts. This paves the way for cheaper fuel cells.
23 Jun 2014

Organic solar cells reach manufacturing milestone

Scientists in Denmark have devised a rapid, scalable and industrially viable way to manufacture large sheets of flexible organic tandem solar cells.
12 Jun 2013

Solar Press and FOM Technologies equipment distribution agreement

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology developer Solar Press has entered into a distribution agreement with specialist equipment company FOM Technologies for the sale of its unique, high performance fabrication and test equipment for functional materials research.
10 Apr 2013

Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) 2013-2023: Technologies, Markets, Players

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
21 Mar 2013

Heraeus Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS Technology in printed organic solar

Fully roll-to-roll printable organic photovoltaic energy cells (OPV's) have been produced by the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Energy Conservation and Storage (DTU) using printed Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS from Heraeus Conductive Polymers Division rather than traditional vacuum processed Indium Tin Oxide.
15 May 2012

The Clean4Yield project

The Clean4Yield project will work to develop new technologies capable of inspecting moving foils for micro- and nanoscale dust particles and defects, and for cleaning / repairing layers as necessary.