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25 Oct 2021


TruSpin are an early-stage company based in Birmingham, Alabama making nanofiber products with AC electrospinning. IDTechEx spoke to the CEO, Robert Agnew, about TruSpin's technology and product range, focussing especially on its silicon nanofiber products for Li-ion battery anodes and ceramic nanofibers for heat-resistant PPE.
11 Jul 2021


Kwambio is a 3D printing company based out of Hartford, CT, USA that manufactures binder jetting printers for 3D printing ceramics. IDTechEx spoke with Dmitriy Skomorokhov, CEO of Kwambio.
2 Jan 2020

Making Beyond Visual Line of Sight Drone Operations Commonplace

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published its first guide aimed at supporting the industry to make unmanned aircraft (drone) flights beyond the visual line of sight of the operator an everyday occurrence. This would significantly change how unmanned aircraft are used in the UK.
11 Jan 2019

Salad making robot for food on the go

Sally the robot, serves customizable, made-to-order salads, snacks, breakfast bowls, and grain bowls within a sleek 3×3 footprint. Future robots are in development and will offer a wide array of menu items and cuisines.
28 Jul 2016

Wearables for children become more discreet

Jiobit will use technology to solve real life problems, starting with keeping parents and kids connected.
26 Aug 2015

Filament raises $5 million for industrial internet of things

As the industrial internet continues to proliferate, companies rely on machine-to-machine communications to gather and analyze data from physical objects.
15 Oct 2014

Innovative solar investing fund launched

The Wunder Fund opens the door for any accredited investor to create a diversified portfolio of revenue-generating solar assets.