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23 Dec 2021

Robot for Assisting the Elderly in Standing up, Walking, Sitting Down

A research team has developed a robot that can assist standing up, walking, and sitting down by estimating the user's state using a small number of sensors. They have developed a technique for a robot to estimate a user's state with few sensors by calculating center of gravity candidates. Knowing the state of the user, such as whether they are trying to stand up or sit down, makes it possible to provide assistance as necessary.
12 Dec 2019

Electronics Integrated to the Muscle via 'Kirgami'

A research team has developed a donut-shaped kirigami device for EMG recordings. The proposed device reduces device displacement on a large deformable muscle surface. Accurate and robust EMG recordings offer EMG signal-based human-machine interfaces that allow prosthesis control for amputees.
20 May 2019

Leech inspired wall climbing robot

Researchers have successfully developed a leech-shaped robot which can climb vertical walls.
7 Dec 2018

Structure of electrolyte controls battery performance

A research team has reported that adding water into electrolyte improves the function of vanadium oxide, which is one of positive electrode materials in calcium-ion batteries.
14 Dec 2017

Revolutionizing electronics using Kirigami

A research team has developed an ultrastretchable bioprobe using Kirigami designs. The Kirigami-based bioprobe enables one to follow the shape of spherical and large deformable biological samples such as heart and brain tissues.
13 Jul 2017

Teaching care robots about human poses

Expectations for care robots are growing against the backdrop of declining birthrates, an aging population, and a lack of care staff.
5 Oct 2016

Job-sharing with nursing robot

Given the aging of the population and the low birthrate both in Japan and elsewhere, healthcare professionals are in short supply and unevenly distributed, giving rise to a need for alternatives to humans for performing simple tasks.
12 Oct 2015

A new measure for wireless power transfer

Wireless power transfer has many promising applications, such as contactless powering, electric vehicles, and energy harvesting.
5 Oct 2015

Boosting efficiency of CIGS solar cells

CIGS solar cells are compound thin-film solar cells and the most established alternative to silicon solar cells. Solar conversion efficiencies of over 20% have recently been achieved in CIGS solar cells.
3 Nov 2014

First demonstration of power transfer from wheels to power an EV

An innovative method for powering EVs that drastically reduces the number of batteries.
31 Dec 2012

Recharge your electric car through its tires

Researchers power EVs with electricity transmitted from the road to steel belts in tires.
12 Sep 2011

Future electric vehicles could run unlimited distances

Here, Masahiro Hanazawa at Toyota Central R&D Labs. and Takashi Ohira at Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) propose a potentially revolutionary solution for powering EVs capable of running unlimited distances. The basic concept stems from electric railways, where each car of the train is power from an overhead wire while the car runs on tracks.
8 Sep 2011

Carbon nanotube composites for enzymes and cosmetics

Toyohashi Tech researchers develop a low cost and efficient method for producing electrically conducting composites based on electrostatic adsorption of CNTs onto resin and ceramic particles for applications including enzymes and cosmetics.