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The Pervasive Systems (PS) group focuses on the design and evaluation of enabling technologies and methods for smart sensor systems, wearable devices and the Internet of Things. The group has a significant background on distributed networked intelligence covering the entire design trajectory from design of the miniature digital devices, wireless sensor networks, body area networks, methods of distributed signal processing, sensor fusion, and event detection.
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University of Twente
25 Jan 2021

Counting Elephants from Space for Conservation

For the first time, scientists have successfully used satellite cameras coupled with deep learning to count animals in complex geographical landscapes, taking conservationists an important step forward in monitoring populations of endangered species.
8 Sep 2020

Floading Brings Conversion of Europe's Largest Electric City Bus Order

Amersfoort-based electric charging infrastructure company Floading is bringing 130 electric buses to Hengelo where they will be adapted for use in The Netherlands.
19 Mar 2020

Innovations in Robotic Surgery 2020-2030: Technologies, Players & Markets

IDTechEx Report:
11 Oct 2019

Lidar 2020-2030: Technologies, Players, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
16 May 2019

Fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells

Researchers have discovered that adding a small amount of fluoride to perovskite leaves a protective layer, increasing stability of the materials and the solar cells significantly.
31 Dec 2018

Smart charging keeps power grid from overloading

Smart charging electric cars with a dynamic price mechanism may play an important part to help keep the power grid from overloading.
30 Nov 2018

Lighter windmills thanks to superconductivity

It is a windmill on the Danish coast at Thybor√łn that is the world's first: recently the conventional electrical generator, with permanent magnets, was replaced by one with superconductors. As a result, the weight and size of the new generator significantly reduced while at the same time, it is capable of delivering the same output power. Another advantage is the minimal use of rare earth metals.
20 Nov 2018

Robotics Flagship aims to develop sustainable robots and AI

The Robotics Flagship aims to develop robots and artificial intelligence that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable: this is the project proposal submitted to the European Commission, that by 2020 will have chosen the flagships that will receive one billion euros over ten years to guarantee Europe a leading position in science and technology.
7 Sep 2018

Millions invested in new energy: Lithium Werks

Energy management company Lithium Werks BV has announced that it will build a major clean energy research and development campus at Twente Airport.
13 Mar 2018

3D Bioprinting 2018 - 2028: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
5 Feb 2018

3D printing of living cells

Using a new technique they call 'in-air microfluidics', scientists succeed in printing 3D structures with living cells. This special technique enable the fast and 'on-the-fly' production of micro building blocks that are viable and can be used for repairing damaged tissue, for example.
15 Sep 2017

RFID Sensors 2018-2028: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He and Raghu Das
10 May 2017

IoT Solutions For Wildlife Protection

University of Twente, Netherlands
21 Apr 2017

Researchers create robotic cheetah

A scaled-down robotic version of the fastest animal in the world, with a view to replicating its movements. Relatively speaking, the robot moves using only about fifteen percent more energy than a real cheetah.
18 Nov 2016

Energy-autonomous robots come closer

Future robots that continuously inspect dykes, don't come across an electrical charging station every few hours. Using a smart gear box for the robot, a researcher manages to drastically reduce the energy consumption. The energy-autonomous robot comes closer.
8 Nov 2016

Research shows remarkable interaction of light

The amount of light, passing through an opaque layer, can be enhanced using smart techniques. At the same time, the amount of reflected light diminishes, researchers now show.
26 Oct 2016

First steps towards the touch robot

A squeeze in the arm, a pat on the shoulder, or a slap in the face - touch is an important part of the social interaction between people. Social touch, however, is a relatively unknown field when it comes to robots.
20 Sep 2016

World's first ciliary stroke motion microrobots

A research team has developed microrobots with high propulsion efficiency in highly-viscous fluid environments, applying propulsion techniques that mimic the ciliary stroke motion of paramecia.
21 Dec 2015

Minuscule pillars double the efficiency of solar cells

Solar cells are generally flat. However, by adding minuscule silicon pillars to the surface, it is possible to more than double the amount of energy produced for each surface.
13 Dec 2013

Squeezing transistors saves energy

Leakage current can be radically reduced by "squeezing" the transistor with a piezoelectric material.