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12 Sep 2018

Optomec LENS hybrid system used to manufacture dissolvable metal

Optomec, a leading global supplier of production-grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D Printed Metals unveiled details of how the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is using a LENS Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere System to develop dissolvable magnesium components that will have broad-reaching implications in the design and manufacture of next-generation medical implants.
10 Feb 2015

Physicists chart atomic activity of superior solar-cell material

In collaboration with an international team of colleagues, two physicists have helped reveal the atomic-level mechanisms of a specially fabricated material that could improve the efficiency of solar cells.
17 Jan 2014

World's fastest organic transistor

Teams collaborate to make thin, transparent semiconductors that could become the foundation for cheap, high-performance displays.
4 Dec 2009

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA Award Winners Announced

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA Award Winners Announced This week the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event opened to more than 900 attendees from 28 countries - by far the World's largest event on the topic. Held in San Jose, CA, the event featured more end users than ever before and grew by almost 25% compared to the same event in 2008. The event featured the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA Awards ceremony, aimed to recognize outstanding achievement.
24 Jul 2008

Inorganic FETs on paper

In Portugal, a new field effect transistor with paper interstrate layer has now been developed.
21 Sep 2007

New Organisations Rush to Print Compound Inorganic Transistors