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View Inc. manufactures a new generation of architectural dynamic glass that intelligently adjusts in response to external conditions and user preferences, enabling unparalleled control over the amount of light and heat that enters a building. View Dynamic Glass provides continuously unobstructed views without heat or glare, creating a new level of occupant comfort and natural light while dramatically reducing building energy consumption. It also provides unprecedented architectural design freedom, eliminating blinds and shading structures and enabling building designs with larger glass areas. View is headquartered in Silicon Valley with high-volume manufacturing facilities in Olive Branch, Mississippi. For more information please visit
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View Inc.
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View Inc.

View Inc. manufactures and commercialises electrochromic smart glass. It has its HQ in Milpitas, California. It is one of the two main contenders with electrochromic technology, the other one being Sage Electrochromics. The struggle between the two companies for the smart glass building market has already begun since the companies have filled patent infringement lawsuits against each other. In 2013, Corning invested $60 million in View Inc. as a way to enter to the architectural glass market with its new glass fusion manufactured thin glass.
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8 May 2018


Joint Venture with AGC. AGC developed a mobile home unit to showcase the product and has extensively marketed it around Europe. AGC is helping the company enter the Asian market outside of China.
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