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22 Mar

5G Technology, Market and Forecasts 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Luyun Jiang
2 Oct

Voice, Speech, Conversation-Based User Interfaces 2019-2029: Technologies, Players, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
2 Aug

Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Luyun Jiang and Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
16 Jul

Vodafone adds first wearable products to V by Vodafone range

Vodafone Group is launching the first wearable products in its "V by Vodafone" Consumer Internet of Things range: "V-SOS Band by Vodafone", an emergency alert wrist band and the "V-Kids Watch by Vodafone" smartwatch.
6 Jul

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks 2019-2029: Global Forecasts, Technologies, Applications

IDTechEx Report: Dr Luyun Jiang and Raghu Das
28 Nov

Engineers use deep learning to reconstruct holograms

A form of machine learning called deep learning is one of the key technologies behind recent advances in applications like real-time speech recognition and automated image and video labeling.
3 Oct

Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
10 Aug

Can LTE kickstart the smart watch industry?

There are numerous rumours floating around the internet this week regarding the Apple Watch 3 and its ability to connect to the internet. While the smart watch industry and wearables more generally have seen a lot of success in recent years and more so forecast for the future, the Apple Watch and many of its competitors have been tied to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, restricting its value to little more than a second screen.
28 Jun

Vodafone IoT

Vodafone is a major player n the development of NB-IoT, a new method of communication for IoT devices. David Pugh met with John Tursley, manager at the NB-IoT open lab at Vodafone's head office in the UK.
Included are:
29 Mar

IoT is not a technology, it's a business plan

Dr David Pugh attended Cambridge Wireless CWIC starter event on IoT & LPWAN technologies to learn about the growing trend for low cost monitoring solutions aiding the Internet of Things and the deployment of a new LoRaWAN network in Cambridge.
27 Apr

The Hyper-Connected Individual , Household & City Meets The Healthcare Sector: The IOT Opportunity

Vodafone, United Kingdom
7 Apr

Healthcare technologies at IDTechEx Show!

The upcoming IDTechEx event in Europe will be an opportunity to learn about the innovative technologies that will disrupt the healthcare industry. This event will take place on 27-28 April 2016 at the Estrel in Berlin, Germany.
16 Mar

LG Display, Jabil, NASA: Cornerstones at IDTechEx Wearable Europe

Europe's largest event on Wearable Technology, with over 225 speakers and 170 exhibitors, taking place in Berlin on April 27-28 will feature opening presentations highlighting the latest progress with wearable technology.
16 Mar

LG Display, Jabil, NASA: Cornerstones at Printed Electronics Europe

Europe's largest event on Printed Electronics, with over 225 speakers and 170 exhibitors, taking place in Berlin on April 27-28 will feature opening presentations highlighting the latest progress with printed and flexible electronics.
5 Jan

First successful commercial trial of pre-standard NB-IoT

Vodafone Group, Huawei, and u-blox have completed the first successful commercial trial of pre-standard Narrowband Internet of Things.
17 Jun

Sleeping bag or shorts can charge mobile devices

Vodafone UK unveiled its Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag prior to the Isle of Wight Festival - two innovations that have the capability to harvest body heat and movement to boost the battery life of mobile devices at summer events.
3 Sep

The exit from China

2010 is turning out to be the year of the great exodus from China.
2 Aug

Solar powered phone for India

Vodafone Essar, the Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and one of India's leading cellular services providers, has launched its latest generation eco-friendly solar charging handset in India. The new handset uses a solar powered solution to benefit users in areas with adequate sunlight.
22 Apr

Funding for electric car and energy storage battery systems

California-based electric car and battery company CODA Automotive, together with joint venture partner, Lishen Power Battery, has secured $394 million of committed capital.
24 Jun

Energy harvesting to save lives

An interdisciplinary team of School of Engineering and Applied Science professors from Columbia University has won first prize for a project that uses wireless devices to locate survivors trapped in structural collapses or fires.