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The future is at the nano-scale
"The development of new materials is crucial to the innovations that may provide a solution for climate change. The next generations of batteries and solar cells, too, can become reality when we are unable to develop better materials. After the stone-age, copper-age and the current silicon-age, VSPARTICLE opens the door to a nano-age, in which we can engineer materials at the atomic scale."
Aaike Van Vugt, CEO and Co-funder
VSPARTICLE provides researchers and industries with systems that produce and deposit nanoparticles using a safe, stable and controllable process.
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8 Apr 2022


VSParticle is an early-stage Dutch company that has developed a method of producing and depositing pure metal nanoparticles by spark ablation. This has multiple applications including gas sensors and catalysts. IDTechEx caught up with VSParticle at LOPEC 2022.
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19 Feb 2020

Become the Next IDTechEx Launchpad Start-up Success Story!

Ahead of the IDTechEx Show! Berlin, 13-14 May 2020, IDTechEx looks back at the stories of some companies propelled to success by the IDTechEx Launchpad initiative.
4 Dec 2018

Low cost technology to print sensors enabling smart contact lenses

VSPARTICLE announced its low-cost technology to print nanostructured materials that will finally enable applications such as smart contact lenses to succeed. The nanotech company has developed an additive manufacturing technology that can be used for numerous applications, such as producing real-time medical sensors (glucose sensing, bio-marker sensing, etc.), as well as, accurate gas sensors.
23 May 2018

Nanotechnology: generation of nanoparticles in gas

Born out of the research labs of TU Delft with over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols, the VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator provides researchers with the possibility to perform ground-breaking research within the field of nanomaterials without the limitations of common generation methods and materials.
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12 Apr 2018

Making The Manufacturing Of Electronics Fully Additive While Maintaining High Quality With VSPARTICLE Technology.

VSPARTICLE, Netherlands
18 Jul 2017

VS Particle Technology

VSParticle was established in 2014 and is a spin out from Delft University of Technology. The University had been developing the technology for 15 years and the IP is now being commercialized by VSParticle.
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