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Wageningen University
2 Jul 2020


Thatchtec is a Dutch agri-tech company that has developed a method of removing pathogens from the soil without the use of synthetic chemicals or steam treatment. This technique, which the company calls Soil Resetting can also improve the biodiversity of the soil, creating a healthier environment for crops to grow. In July 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Thatchtec CEO Ard Reijtenbagh.
30 Jun 2020


Ceradis is an agri-tech company that develops and produces environmentally friendly pesticides derived from nature, with the aim of creating safer and greener agriculture that can help feed the planet without costing the Earth. In June 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, CEO of Ceradis.
1 Nov 2019

Cutting-Edge Robot 'Trimbot' Makes Short Work of Gardening

A gardening robot has been developed that can self-navigate and automatically prune roses and trim bushes.
26 May 2017

Agricultural robots: bringing data to least digitised major industry

Agriculture is one of the world's least digitized major industries. This is however all about to change. Indeed, data acquisition and analytics companies are already a hot topic, and as such are subject to growing capital investments. This trend is captured in the figure below.
28 Sep 2016

Amsterdam to get world's first fleet of autonomous boats

The world's first major research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas.
14 Apr 2016

So long lithium, hello bacteria batteries?

A rechargeable battery driven by bacteria
8 Feb 2016

Test phase of WEpod self-driving vehicles launched

The self-driving vehicle, WEpod, is being tested on the campus of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
27 Nov 2012

Harvesting electricity from wetlands

The technology enables the production of electricity from living plants at practically every site where plants can grow.