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20 Oct 2020

Treeswift's Autonomous Robots Take Flight to Save Forests

Forests cover 30% of the Earth's landmass, but that number is on the decline. Despite forests' crucial role in conserving wildlife and processing carbon dioxide, many are threatened by deforestation and wildfires. Complicating these threats is the lack of quantitative information that foresters and environmental researchers need for making important decisions to preserve forests.
16 Aug 2019

Wearable moves brain monitoring from the lab to the real world

Imagine if a coach could know which moments of competition a certain player might peak, or if a truck driver had objective data telling him his body and mind were too tired to continue driving.
18 Apr 2019

Starbucks to power 360 stores with solar power

Starbucks Coffee Company, Cypress Creek Renewables and US Bank are teaming up on a portfolio of solar farms across Texas. As a part of the deal, two solar farms developed, built and now operated by Cypress Creek, one of the nation's leading solar companies, are providing enough energy for the equivalent of 360 Starbucks stores in Lone Star State, including stores in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and Arlington.
16 Jan 2018

Thinfilm announces organizational changes

Thin Film Electronics ASA announced several organizational changes that further accelerate the Company's growth in the NFC mobile marketing solutions space.
15 Aug 2014

GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Scott Rackey as Vice President of Business Development.
20 Sep 2013

Graphene Frontiers awarded grant for roll-to-roll graphene production

Graphene Frontiers, a company developed through the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Technology Transfer, has been awarded a $744,600 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop roll-to-roll production of graphene, the "miracle material" at the heart of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.
12 Sep 2011

Plastic Logic appoints new CEO

Plastic Logic has appointed, Indro Mukerjee as CEO to replace Richard Archuleta, who is stepping down after leading the company for the past four years.
1 Jul 2010

Davor Sutija steps up as CEO of Thinfilm

Dr Davor Sutija has been promoted to CEO of Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm"). He takes over from Rolf Ã…berg, who continues in an executive board position.
18 Jun 2005

Use of Active RFID in understanding shopping cart