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7 Apr 2022

Countrywide Network of High Power electric Vehicle Chargers Complete

Extra MSA Group has partnered with Europe's leading high-power charging network IONITY to launch a complete network of high-power charging stations for electric vehicles, now available at all Extra MSA Group motorway service areas across the UK.
16 Mar 2022

Energy Study Brings Port of London Authority a Step Closer to Net Zero

UK Power Networks Services is supporting the Port of London Authority's sustainability ambitions by successfully completing an energy feasibility study to identify opportunities to integrate low-carbon generation technologies across its sites and floating structures.
2 Jan 2020

Making Beyond Visual Line of Sight Drone Operations Commonplace

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published its first guide aimed at supporting the industry to make unmanned aircraft (drone) flights beyond the visual line of sight of the operator an everyday occurrence. This would significantly change how unmanned aircraft are used in the UK.
6 Nov 2018

Australia's first off-grid, solar and battery powered classroom

Queensland turned on the sun for the official launch of Australia's first off-grid, solar and battery powered classroom - The Hivve at Bracken Ridge State High School in Brisbane.
13 Jan 2017

Tidal lagoon project makes the most of natural resources

A tidal lagoon is a 'U' shaped breakwater, built out from the coast which has a bank of hydro turbines in it. Water fills up and empties the man-made lagoon as the tides rise and fall. The system can generate electricity on both the incoming and outgoing tides, four times a day, every day.
28 Dec 2016

UK car preparing for solar challenge

Solar Team Great Britain, which is developing a solar race car and aims to be the first British team to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, has completed a data-collection mission to generate real-world-conditions information on the 3,022km race route from Darwin, Australia to Adelaide.
30 Jun 2011

New developments with electric aircraft

There was extensive coverage of manned and unmanned electric aircraft at the recent "Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air" in Stuttgart Germany with considerable questioning by a fascinated audience.
29 Apr 2011

Energy harvesting for electric vehicles

Energy harvesting is the production of electricity from ambient energy. Usually the objective in electric vehicles is to increase range and safety. Range is increased in two ways. Either a very powerful form of energy harvesting such as shock absorbers or regenerative braking adds significant amounts of energy to the traction battery or wireless sensors and actuators improving safety also save many kilograms of wiring this also increasing range significantly.
11 Feb 2011

1st unmanned seaplane takes off from water & lands on it autonomously

The Flying Fish unmanned aerial vehicle UAV vehicle, takes off and flies over the waves at distances of tens to thousands of meters
2 Oct 2009

Wave energy device

Anaconda is a 200 metre long rubber tube that works on bulge wave theory - first documented by medical experts who looked at how blood was pumped around the human body.