Agricultural Robots, Drones, and AI: Technologies and Trends

Robotics and automation are set to have a major impact on the global agriculture industry, driving new business models and disrupting existing value chains. Although agriculture has historically been slow to digitize, advances in AI and machine vision, alongside increasing investment into the field, are accelerating the industry, creating numerous opportunities.
This webinar, presented by IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent, share information from the recent IDTechEx report "Agricultural Robots, Drones, and AI: 2020-2040: Technologies, Markets, and Players".
Dr Dent will focus on:
  • The current state of global agriculture
  • Key technology trends in the field of agricultural robotics
  • Enabling technologies in agricultural robotics
  • Case study discussions of autonomous tractors and robotic fresh fruit picking.


Dr Michael Dent
Dr Michael Dent
Senior Technology Analyst