IDTechEx Webinar

Airborne Wind Energy AWE Gets Serious

Your grandchildren will laugh at how green energy consisted of solar dead every night and wind dead for weeks on end. They will gasp at massive polluting hydro dams on drying up rivers and all that concrete for offshore wind and tidal barrages.
The need now is for mobile zero emission energy that makes electricity where it is needed without much intermittency, saving on those troublesome poisonous batteries. Enter tethered power generation TPG as drones high up where wind is continuous and stronger. Call that Airborne Wind Energy AWE. Add tethered buoys under the sea for wave power. Neither have massive infrastructure and you can add "propellers" on the sea floor or under moored boats with that - they are also rapidly repositioned. Elegantly, they also create virtually continuous electricity. All are effectively invisible and silent. This is the future.
In this webinar we look at AWE coming to the market this year, about five years behind wave power with its new $200M orders but complementary to it. For example, one developer seeks to reduce the 20% of deaths in an advancing armies caused by delivering fuel. Others target powering agricultural robots marching across the horizon. Hear the technological and applicational options for AWE that just got serious.
The content of the webinar is taken from the IDTechEx report - Airborne Wind Energy 2019-2039.