Bioplastics: The Route to a Sustainable Future?

This webinar was originally broadcast on 25th May 2020
Bioplastics, polymers derived from biological feedstocks, are a potential solution to the environmental problems caused by plastic - they are made from renewable resources and often biodegrade. Despite this, bioplastics have historically struggled to compete with fossil-based plastics, which are often far cheaper. But, are things beginning to change?
This webinar introduces bioplastics and explores the challenges that the nascent industry is facing, based on the IDTechEx research report "Bioplastics 2020-2025".
The webinar will include:
  • An introduction to bioplastics
  • Drivers of substitution
  • The impact of oil prices
  • Key challenges facing the industry
  • Industry forecasts


Dr Michael Dent
Dr Michael Dent
Senior Technology Analyst