Devices Supporting Remote Patient Monitoring: Trends and Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of healthcare, including driving significant uptake of digital health. As the world exits the pandemic, some digital practices are likely to remain. One of these is remote patient monitoring (RPM), the use of technology to measure and monitor a patient's physiological signals without needing to be physically present in a medical facility or in the presence of a medical professional.
RPM brings several benefits to patients, clinicians, and insurers alike. Using technology to monitor and manage patients remotely can improve their quality of life, prevent emergency hospitalizations, and enable better allocation of resources while being cost-effective at the same time. Using devices such as electronic skin patches, smartwatches, and other unobtrusive sensors, patient monitoring is now unobtrusive, comfortable, and in some cases, continuous.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Research Director Dr Nadia Tsao will cover several key device trends and opportunities for remote patient monitoring:
  • Overview of technologies supporting unobtrusive patient monitoring
  • Discussion of technologies for early detection of cardiovascular conditions
  • Key opportunities in diabetes and prediabetes
  • The growing role of consumer devices across RPM
  • Exploration of current and upcoming applications of connected wearable devices
For more information about remote patient monitoring, including deep dives into key chronic conditions addressed today, granular market forecast across 19 product categories, and 63 company profiles, please see the new IDTechEx report, "Remote Patient Monitoring 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets and Opportunities".