Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air: $100+bn Market Emerging

This webinar shares some of the technology insights and forecasts from the comprehensive new IDTechEx report, Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2019-2029.
From aircraft, trucks, buses, cars and boats, electric vehicle success increasingly relies on the performance and efficiency of the powertrain beyond the battery. Key is traction motors with their controllers as they become multipurpose and proliferate in number per vehicle. The market is becoming substantial at over $100 billion in ten years' time, much more if you count the whole wheel, e-axle or e-transmission that so often integrate them. Evolution of batteries accelerated years ago in the face of huge EV demands and now it is the turn of motors. Which new technologies and why? What is the focus of the splurge in acquisitions? Why the move from sometimes one to six per vehicle? Hear this webinar for the latest insights and predictions.