Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture: $50 Billion Market Soon

This webinar was originally broadcast on 22nd April 2020
Agricultural vehicles, from greenhouse robots to outdoor precision farming, tractors, forestry vehicles and turf care, are rapidly going electric. Increasingly they get their electricity off-grid, zero-emission, on-site using technology similar to that in an EV.
Learn which vehicles, when and understand seven key EV enabling technologies for the new agricultural EVs. The market drivers include increasingly ineffective and illegal poisons being replaced by robot weeders, some solar powered. Learn how ageing workforces and the need for better land usage including no soil compaction alter the picture. See which hybrid and pure electric powertrains are coming in for what vehicles and learn why.
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture 2020-2030.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop