Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs): The Successor to Solder?

Electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) are set to become a key conductive joining technology across a range of emerging industries. They may be used to connect components and circuitry across a wide range of uses, giving joins which are mechanically strong and electrically conductive. Additionally, ECAs provide other benefits, such as fine pitch capacity, required for miniaturisation of electronics, and low temperature joining.
But where is the market for these products, what are the best types of ECA, and how are they made?
This webinar, presented by Thomas Lynch (Technology Analyst at IDTechEx), will include:
  • An introduction for Electrically conductive adhesives
  • A summary of different competing die attach technologies
  • The main applications of ECAs
  • The main materials used for ECAs
  • A summary of the growing and changing market for ECAs
This webinar shares some of the research for the IDTechEx report, "Electrically Conductive Adhesives 2022-2032: Technologies, Markets, and Forecasts".


Thomas Lynch
Thomas Lynch
Technology Analyst