Miniaturised Gas Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

This webinar was originally broadcast on 29th April 2020
Poor air quality causes more deaths annually than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. A lack of low-cost environmental monitoring equipment prevents individuals from taking action to improve air quality. Currently environmental monitoring methods are expensive and provide low spatial coverage, making their usefulness to individuals limited.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Luyun Jiang, explores:
  • New methods of manufacture are enabling smaller, lower power and more selective gas sensors.
  • Many of the miniaturised gas sensors are based on metal oxide semiconductors (MOS) type or electrochemical (EC) type gas sensor. Other detection principles are also moving toward miniaturisation.
  • These miniaturised gas sensors will be integrated into various electronics and open up the market of internet of things such as smart home, smart city, personal devices and more.
  • There are different requirements for each of the market segments. One need to choose the suitable technology for each use cases.
This webinar shares some of the research and data from the IDTechEx report "Environmental Gas Sensors 2020-2030".


Dr Luyun Jiang
Dr Luyun Jiang
Senior Technology Analyst