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Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics

Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics
No more components-in-a-box. The body or even the coating of a device or vehicle are becoming the electronics and electrics. Call it structural electronics, the term also embracing electrics and the technology arriving much faster than most realise.
This webinar shares some findings from the unique new IDTechEx report, Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics 2019-2029. Where the bodywork of a car or aircraft doubles as battery or supercapacitor, the term "Massless Energy" is now being used. However it can be an understatement because some experimental smart car bodywork is actually much lighter than the steel it replaces. Feather-light photovoltaic coating on a vehicle gives 1kW/kg and future elimination of electric vehicle charging stations, particularly as planned smart roads will charge vehicles at speed. No party trick, solar vehicles are now serious development by Audi, Hanergy and other giants. Collaborative robots with sentient skin can pick fruit and never hurt anyone: next come sentient exoskeletons with smart skin. Aircraft with a nervous system and other huge advances will lead to many billion dollar businesses in the materials and new devices and that is what we cover in this webinar. Learn the technologies IME, MID, 3DPE, metamaterials, nano-rectennas, 12 energy harvesting principles and the materials needed including the excitement about triboelectrics.
In the true IDTechEx style we even look further ahead at new enabling technologies such as different 2D compounds on top of each other forming the thinnest structural electronics of all.