Where are the Market Opportunities in Molecular Diagnostics?

This webinar was originally broadcast on 24th March 2020
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Molecular diagnostics is a rapid growing market and will be around $20 billion by 2030. The growth of molecular diagnostics is not only driven by the fast technology development, but also the emerging markets toward precision medicine and predictive health care.
In this webinar, we identify the market opportunities of molecular diagnostics via the focus on:
  • Leading technologies to synthesis DNA microarrays
  • Key trends of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), such as digital PCR, multiplex PCR and isothermal amplification
  • DNA sequencing technologies
  • Point-of-care molecular diagnostics
  • Infectious diseases market and the diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Market opportunities in Direct-to-consumers, liquid biopsy and companion diagnostics
Information included in this webinar has been taken from the IDTechEx Report, Molecular Diagnostics 2020-2030.


Dr Luyun Jiang
Dr Luyun Jiang
Senior Technology Analyst