RFID: Technologies, Markets, Opportunities - The Complete Picture

June 6 / Afternoon

IDTechEx Research finds that in 2019, the total RFID market will be worth $11.53 Billion, rising to $14.07 Billion in 2023. RFID is an established and growing market with billions of tags being sold annually, but it is still embryonic in terms of the total addressable market potential.

This session provides a complete picture of the RFID industry, including NFC and RAIN RFID, assessing the current state of the industry, technologies, market size, growth opportunities, players and value chain, competitive threats, and market outlook. It predominately focusses on passive RFID (LH, HF and UHF) but also covers progress with battery powered RFID (Active RFID), RFID sensors and chipless/printed RFID - giving the complete picture.

RFID technologies and markets will be covered in detail in equal measure. From a technology perspective, the performance of different technologies will be covered to a detailed cost breakdown of RFID tags. Key players and lessons from success and failure will be covered. Emerging technologies from printed RFID to machine vision for real time location will be covered. From an application perspective, the forum will cover sales of tags by applications, drivers and future outlook for each key application sector with assessment of the applications globally.

This forum will be delivered by IDTechEx analysts who have studied the RFID Market for almost 20 years. Our data on the RFID market is widely cited and highly regarded, given our long-standing assessment and independent global analysis of the industry. This research is based on interviews with key players, research conducted through extensive travel for global conferences and events, as well as visiting prominent companies working in this area.

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Forum 6 / Agenda

Please join IDTechEx Analysts for lunch and networking from 1:00pm-2:00pm

  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Lunch, networking and registration
    for the afternoon session
  • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

RFID Applications & Technologies

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • RFID technology analysis: passive RFID (LF, HF/NFC, UHF/RAIN); battery assisted passive; active RFID; Real Time Locating Systems
  • RFID and its role in IoT
  • RFID applications matched to each technology type: where the wealth is being created
  • Successes and Failures
  • Historic growth and current market size for RFID
  • RFID reader market size
  • Competitive technologies to RFID: BLE and machine vision
  • 3:00pm - 3:15pm

Growth Opportunities

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • Drivers and market adoption trends
  • Forecast of RFID tag sales
  • Value chain analysis
  • 3:15pm - 4:00pm

RFID Tag Manufacturing

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • RFID inlay price tear down
  • Antenna manufacturing options
  • Chip attach options
  • New emerging manufacturing options and constructions
  • Key suppliers
  • 4:00pm - 4:15pm
  • Networking break
  • 4:15pm - 4:40pm

RFID Sensors: Technologies & Applications

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • Main types of RFID Sensor Technologies
  • Technology trends for RFID Sensors
  • Applications of RFID Sensors
  • 4:40pm - 5:05pm

Printed RFID & Flexible Circuits For RFID

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • Types of printed RFID technologies and full appraisal
  • Leading developers
  • Market traction
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Integration of multiple printed electronics functionalities
  • 5:05pm - 5:30pm

RFID For Smart Packaging

Compiled by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • Case study assessments - what was done, why, cost and level of successes
  • What is driving smart packaging
  • What is coming - pre-commercial technology and solution work from vendors and brands
  • Outlook
  • 5:30pm - 5:45pm

Summary, Conclusions & Questions With IDTechEx

Timings and the agenda are subject to change

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