3D Printing in the Medical & Dental Industry

Compiled by:
Dr Bryony Core, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
Dr Nadia Tsao, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

The application of 3D printing for medical purposes can take many forms, for instance the direct printing of live organs and tissues ("3D Bioprinting"), the manufacture of medical devices such as surgical guides, implants and prosthetics and the printing of pharmaceuticals. Although the advantages of 3D printing in the healthcare sector are myriad, it is a complex technology which still faces barriers to adoption, both from a technological perspective, as well as a regulatory one.

This forum will cover the following:

  • Latest developments in 3D printing for healthcare
  • Existing and emerging applications for 3D printing across the healthcare sector
  • Appraisal of the most relevant 3D printing technologies
  • Market drivers and needs by application
  • An overview of regulatory issues

Gain insights into the varied applications of 3D printing and bioprinting in the medical and dental industry; this forum provides you with a full assessment of this complex and rapidly changing subject.

This forum will finish with an hour long guided tour of the Autodesk Boston facilities.

For those attending.

  • The PDF files of the presentations will be available to download from this website after the sessions are ended.

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Forum 4 / Agenda

May 9 / Afternoon

Please join IDTechEx Analysts for lunch, networking & Autodesk tour from 1:00pm-2:00pm

  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Lunch, Networking, Autodesk Tour and registration for the afternoon session
  • 2:00pm - 2:30pm

Introduction to medical applications of 3D printing

  • Overview of existing applications for 3D printing in the medical and dental industry
  • Appraisal of the most relevant 3D printing technologies
  • 2:30pm - 3:00pm

3D printing medical devices

  • 3D printing in the dental industry
  • 3D printing for surgical procedures
  • 3:00pm - 3:30pm

Guest speaker

  • 3:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Networking break
  • 4:00pm - 4:45pm

3D printing medicine

Compiled by Dr Nadia Tsao, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

  • 3D printing for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • 3D printing and bioprinting for tissue biofabrication
  • 4:45pm - 5:00pm

Conclusions and questions

Compiled by Dr Nadia Tsao, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

  • Market drivers and restraints
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