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alt="Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Micro-Honeycomb Structure"
Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Micro-Honeycomb Structure
The microscale reentrant-honeycomb shaped, graphene-based electrode is characterized by an accordion-like structural stretchability. A stretchable gel electrolyte and stretchable separator are also developed for all-component stretchable full cells, with applications for future stretchable devices.
alt="Graphene Biosensor Detects SARS-Co-V-2 in Under a Minute"
Graphene Biosensor Detects SARS-Co-V-2 in Under a Minute
According to many experts, early diagnosis and management are critical for slowing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Therefore, the race is on to develop diagnostic tests for the virus that are faster, easier and more accurate than existing ones.
AerNos have developed the first commercially available gas sensor based on functionalised carbon nanotubes. We regularly interview AerNos to follow up the new development
alt="New Hybrid Material Improves Performance of Silicon Li-ion Batteries"
New Hybrid Material Improves Performance of Silicon Li-ion Batteries
Researchers have developed a new hybrid material of mesoporous silicon microparticles and carbon nanotubes that can improve the performance of silicon in Li-ion batteries.
alt="Flatter Graphene, Faster Electrons"
Flatter Graphene, Faster Electrons
Bumps on a road slow down our pace, so do corrugations in graphene to travelling electrons. By flattening the corrugations out, we help electrons move effectively faster through a graphene sheet.
alt="Supercapacitor Materials: Large Opportunities Coming"
Supercapacitor Materials: Large Opportunities Coming
From a commercial point of view, this article appraises the latest research in active materials for supercapacitors SC and their derivatives. Opportunities include; graphene, CNT, MOF, CNF, ionic electrolytes, structural, flexible, wearable.
alt="Stable Water-Based Graphene Dispersions"
Stable Water-Based Graphene Dispersions
Researchers show how activated graphene, activated carbons and other hydrophobic carbons can be dispersed in water in a form of micrometer-sized particles. The key agent that helps to make these dispersions last for days is the oxidized form of graphene named graphene oxide.
alt="World's Only Patented Graphene Solar Panel"
World's Only Patented Graphene Solar Panel
PV Graf technology eliminates thermal stress during production and cracking that results from that production - resulting in dramatically longer service life and far better, lasting efficiency. Production costs are also lowered by removing the need for metals like silver and copper.
alt="Graphene for Remote Wound Monitoring"
Graphene for Remote Wound Monitoring
French scientists at the Neel Institute have produced a graphene patch that records the condition of chronic wounds, such as ulcers suffered by the elderly or those with diabetes, at any time. The data can be sent from home to the hospital via mobile phone, facilitating a rapid response to possible infections.
alt="Graphene Solar Heating Film"
Graphene Solar Heating Film
Researchers have developed a highly efficient solar absorbing film that absorbs sunlight with minimal heat loss and rapidly heats up to 83°C in an open environment.
alt="New Material Could Turn Clothing into a Health Monitor"
New Material Could Turn Clothing into a Health Monitor
Researchers are reporting a new material, pliable enough to be woven into fabric but imbued with sensing capabilities that could serve as an early warning system for injury or illness.
alt="Improving Electrical, Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Nanotube Fibres"
Improving Electrical, Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Nanotube Fibres
Researchers recently developed a technique that can be used to build carbon-nanotube-based fibers by creating chemical crosslinks; the technique improves the electrical and mechanical properties of these materials.
alt="CPI Partners with Canadian SME and National Research Council of Canada"
CPI Partners with Canadian SME and National Research Council of Canada
CPI has announced the successful development of a scalable purification process for graphene oxide production in partnership with Graphene Leaders Canada Inc. a Canadian SME, and the National Research Council of Canada. This will overcome a key barrier to future large-scale production of GO, reducing costs and facilitating the adoption of GO to improve performance of industrial products.
alt="Graphene Forms Under Microscope's Eye"
Graphene Forms Under Microscope's Eye
You don't need a big laser to make laser-induced graphene. Scientists are using a very small visible beam to burn the foamy form of carbon into microscopic patterns.
alt="Navigate the Emerging Graphene Market"
Navigate the Emerging Graphene Market
Graphene is on the cusp of significant market growth; the opportunities are exciting and diverse, each with significant potential. Graphene and 2D Materials Europe 2020 (13-14 May, Berlin) is the largest B2B event on the topic with a dedicated focus on the commercial frontiers. www.GrapheneEurope.tech
alt="Nanowires Made of Tellurium and Nanotubes Hold Promise for Wearables"
Nanowires Made of Tellurium and Nanotubes Hold Promise for Wearables
Wearable tech and electronic cloth may be the way of the future, but to get there the wiring needs to be strong, flexible and efficient.
alt="Engineers Mix and Match Materials to Make New Stretchy Electronics"
Engineers Mix and Match Materials to Make New Stretchy Electronics
At the heart of any electronic device is a cold, hard computer chip, covered in a miniature city of transistors and other semiconducting elements. Because computer chips are rigid, the electronic devices that they power, such as our smartphones, laptops, watches, and televisions, are similarly inflexible. Now a process developed by engineers may be the key to manufacturing flexible electronics with multiple functionalities in a cost-effective way.
alt="IDTechEx Show! Interview with LG Electronics"
IDTechEx Show! Interview with LG Electronics
Dr Youn Su Kim, part of the Professional-Advanced Materials Team at LG Electronics interviewed by IDTechEx Principle Analyst Dr Richard Collins talks about Graphene.
alt="Graphene Won't Crack Under Pressure"
Graphene Won't Crack Under Pressure
Graphene is a paradox: it is the thinnest material known to science, yet also one of the strongest. Now, research shows that graphene is also highly resistant to fatigue — able to withstand more than a billion cycles of high stress before it breaks.
alt="Trash into Valuable Graphene in a Flash"
Trash into Valuable Graphene in a Flash
That banana peel, turned into graphene, can help facilitate a massive reduction of the environmental impact of concrete and other building materials. While you're at it, toss in those plastic empties.