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For a list of IDTechEx research on Energy Harvesting and allied technologies, see www.IDTechEx.com/research.

alt="Rubber material for flexible, unbreakable devices"
Rubber material for flexible, unbreakable devices
A group of researchers have discovered a stretchy miracle material that could be used to create highly resistant smart devices and scratch-proof paint for cars.
alt="IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold"
IDTechEx Show! Exhibit Space Over 90% Sold
With over two months to go until the IDTechEx Show! at the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 15 - 16, over 90% of the exhibit space is already sold. The event brings together the hottest emerging technologies including materials, components and systems with end users, who seek to use these technologies to differentiate their products through greater capability.
alt="Synthesizing pure graphene, a miracle material"
Synthesizing pure graphene, a miracle material
Formed deep within the earth, stronger than steel, and thinner than a human hair. These comparisons aren't describing a new super hero. They're describing graphene, a substance that some experts have called "the most amazing and versatile" known to mankind.
alt="Packaging film coated with clay nanotubes"
Packaging film coated with clay nanotubes
Sometimes it seems as if fresh fruits, vegetables and meats go bad in the blink of an eye. Consumers are left feeling frustrated, often turning to less expensive processed foods that last longer but are less nutritious.
alt="Fizzy soda water could be key to clean manufacture of graphene"
Fizzy soda water could be key to clean manufacture of graphene
Whether you call it effervescent, fizzy, or sparkling, carbonated water is making a comeback as a beverage.
alt="Laser-induced graphene from wood"
Laser-induced graphene from wood
University scientists have made wood into an electrical conductor by turning its surface into graphene.
alt="Large single-crystal graphene is possible!"
Large single-crystal graphene is possible!
Boasting the conductivity, strength and flexibility we wished for, graphene was proposed as one of the most likely substitutes for silicon and other materials. Its launch into the market however is still slow. What is curbing graphene from industrial applications?
alt="Colour-shifting electronic skin"
Colour-shifting electronic skin
Researchers have developed a new type of user-interactive electronic skin, with a colour change perceptible to the human eye, and achieved with a much-reduced level of strain. Their results could have applications in robotics, prosthetics and wearable technology.
alt="Sprayable sensing network technology"
Sprayable sensing network technology
The sprayed sensors can be networked, to render rich real-time information on the health status of the structure under monitoring.
alt="A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology"
A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology
Counterfeit products are a huge problem - from medicines to car parts, fake technology costs lives.
alt="Graphene, supercaps, and forklifts: networking efforts in Europe"
Graphene, supercaps, and forklifts: networking efforts in Europe
How to turn three niche industries into a pan-European competitive advantage
alt="Chemists create 3D printed graphene foam"
Chemists create 3D printed graphene foam
Nanotechnologists have used 3D laser printing to fabricate centimeter-sized objects of atomically thin graphene.
alt="New chemical method could revolutionize graphene"
New chemical method could revolutionize graphene
Scientists have discovered a new chemical method that enables graphene to be incorporated into a wide range of applications while maintaining its ultra-fast electronics.
alt="Miracle material discovery could end cracked smart devices"
Miracle material discovery could end cracked smart devices
Currently, most parts of a smart phone are made of silicon and other compounds, which are expensive and break easily.
alt="A report from the IDTechEx Show!"
A report from the IDTechEx Show!
May 10th-11th saw the 2017 European-leg of the IDTechEx Show! In this article IDTechEx analysts share some of the most interesting innovations on offer at the show.
alt="Report from the IDTechEx Show! Berlin, Germany 2017"
Report from the IDTechEx Show! Berlin, Germany 2017
Strong positive feedback and growth at Europe's most important event on emerging technologies
alt="IDTechEx Show! Opening Berlin 2017"
IDTechEx Show! Opening Berlin 2017
Welcome and Introduction keynote presentation from IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das, introducing the technologies covered along with an introduction to the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin 10-11 May 2017. www.IDTechEx.com/Europe
alt="The Graphene paradigm shift is coming"
The Graphene paradigm shift is coming
IDTechEx has invited a series of industrial players and leaders active in graphene commercialization to contribute their opinions about the state of the technology and markets. As part of article series, we will today hear from Standard Graphene who talks about a graphene paradigm shift.
alt="Graphene: Market update and future prospects by IDTechEx (II)"
Graphene: Market update and future prospects by IDTechEx (II)
I have just recently returned from the Graphene 2017 conference in Barcelona where I gave an invited talk. There is tremendous scientific progress, both on CVD and platelet type graphene, and across many graphene applications. Interestingly, the participants however repeatedly suggested that the industry has now passed the peak of hype and is well into the disillusionment period.
alt="Brief Video Tour of the IDTechEx Show! Berlin 10 - 11 May 2017"
Brief Video Tour of the IDTechEx Show! Berlin 10 - 11 May 2017
Watch the preview of the IDTechEx Show! coming up in Berlin, 10-11 May 2017.