Connecting the EDGE
November 14 - 15, 2018 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Demonstration Street

The IDTechEx Show! exhibition will feature "Demonstration Street", a large area dedicated to showing a full range of wireless products and prototypes, helping to create The Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. It will include devices incorporating energy harvesting, sensor, printed electronics and wearable technologies; including wireless power, wireless charging, wireless sensors and much more.

Preview of Demonstration Street

Application for Demonstration Street is now closed


Arevo will show the World's First 3D Printed Composite Bicycle. This production ready Composite Bicycle Frame is printed using AREVO Direct Energy Deposition 3D Printing Technology.

Smooth & Sharp Corporation

Smooth & Sharp Corporation will display Temperature Logging Tag Base on NFC, it is an ideal solution for cold chain monitoring.


Cytosurge will display 3D metal printed micro objects, additive manufactured with the FluidFM µ3Dprinter.


CERADROP-MGI & IRLYNX demonstrate Human Activity Sensing Module, able to detect presence or absence, count people, evaluate location, and assess motion direction for Smart Buildings.

CareWear Corp

CareWear® will display a wearable photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy system using blue and red light to decrease pain and accelerate recovery from athletic activity and injury.


GEOMATEC will be showing the G.Moth. G.Moth is transparent conductive film technology with very high transmission performance.

Lionrock Batteries Limited

Lionrock Batteries Limited will be showing Flexible and Safe Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries.


Gencoa will demonstrate OPTIX universal process chemical sensor. OPTIX can sense chemicals and gases to aid the manufacturing of flexible electronics and drying processes.


ViCardio is the world's first completely non-invasive, comfortable, beat to beat, wearable, blood pressure monitor and requires no calibration.

LifeSense Group

LifeSense Group will be displaying Carin, the non-invasive smart wearable solution for women with stress


TactoTek will demonstrate an IMSE door trim with touch and lighting, this IMSE solution enhances contoured luxury wood vehicle trim with sophisticated touch controls and lighting without increasing the 3mm depth of the part.


MEDICALIP will display MEDIP, which is a medical imaging software for representing a visual interior of a body for clinical analysis, medical intervention and 3D printing.


TCPoly will demonstrate 3D Printed Heat Sinks and Cold Plates. TCPoly's thermally conductive FDM 3D printing filaments enable new light-weight, corrosion resistant, low cost and high performance products to keep electronics cool.

IDS - Integrated Deposition Solutions

IDS will be showing a Nanojet Aerosol Based Desktop Printer. IDS provides direct write electronic printing solutions by employing droplet-based and filament-based processes, enabling deposition of traces on substrates ranging from glass to polymers.


Sutrue will be displaying a Handheld Automated Suturing Device which produces automated sutures more quickly, safely and accurately than suturing by hand.


MYNT will be showing a mobile robot platform that can demonstrate face ID, pathfinding /object recognition and speech.

Vartega Inc

Vartega will be showing TEGAFIL recycled carbon fiber 3D printer filament.


BASF will be demonstrating 5 types of samples of 3D Printing Materials.