Creating The Uber Of Consumer Electronic Product Manufacturing (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Mr Senake Atureliya, CEO
Buzz Technology Limited
United Kingdom


Europe 2018 Presentation - Buzz Technology Limited*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Buzz Technology Limited*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - Buzz Technology Limited*

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Crowd funding has given us the Occulus Rift and VR, Pebble and the smart watch. Peer-to-peer marketplaces such as AirBNB and Uber have enabled people all over the world to unlock the value of their underused time and assets. In this talk, Buzz Technology will describe a solution with similar economic potential. Using robotic, 3D printing and a peer-to-peer development/production platform, they aim to unlock the creative, productive and commercial value of the crowd by enabling the overnight small batch manufacture of products incorporating electronics, actuators and batteries.

会社紹介 (Buzz Technology)

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Buzz Technology is a London based company focused on product and process optimisation. At the show, they will be presenting their patent pending collaborative product development and delivery platform, a new product architecture and robotics/3D printer based distributed manufacturing system that offers significant environmental, societal and economic benefits. They are interesting in speaking to forward thinking investors, individuals and brands who want to unlock the creative and economic potential of the crowd, reduce plastics/electronics waste and "deliver more with less". To find out more, please come and talk to us or email us at
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