Flexible Dye Solar Cells (Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon, USA 2008)

Mr Janne Halme,
TKK Finland, Finland
2008 6월18일.


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Presentation Summary

  • status of development and remaining challenges of dye solar cells on flexible substrates
  • quantification of the performance limiting factors of DSC
  • optimization and electrochemical performance of stainless steel based DSC

Speaker Biography (Janne Halme)

Janne Halme studied Engineering Physics and Mathematics at the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Finland, where he obtained M.Sc. (Tech.) degree in 2002. His M.Sc. thesis presenting a technical review and preliminary tests on dye-sensitized nanostructured and organic photovoltaic cells initiated the DSC research at TKK. His Doctor of Tech. research at TKK focused in the development of dye solar cells on alternative substrates and quantitative assessment of their performance limiting factors. His expertise involves fundamental DSC device physics and electrochemistry, electron transport in nanostructured materials, electrochemical and optoelectric impedance spectroscopy, optical modeling, new device concepts, and low-temperature processing of nanoporous electrode films for flexible DSC.

Company Profile (TKK Finland)

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Founded in 1849, Helsinki University of Technology, TKK, in Otaniemi is the oldest university of technology in Finland and a pioneer in the field of technology in the country. Its fields of education and research cover all areas of technology that are of importance to the Finnish economy, including architecture. TKK has 250 professors and 15 000 under- and postgraduate students, receives 230 million euros (2006) total funding from state and other sources, and produces around 1000 Master's degrees and 160 doctorates each year.
TKK is involved in nine national Centres of Excellence in Research nominated by the Academy of Finland, carrying out research on topics ranging from nanotechnology and radio technology to bioadaptive materials and brain activity. The Otaniemi area is a unique concentration of high technology and expertise where, in addition to TKK, many significant research centres are situated.
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