Green Solvents Used In Piezo Sensors Production (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Alessio Marrani, R&D Technical Marketing
Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy s.p.a.


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Presentation Summary

Electro active polymers are of interest for their piezoelectric performance and are becoming increasingly used in commercial applications (sensors & actuators) .
Being easily soluble in various solvents, Solvene® EAP can be turned into inks and printed in thin layers, making devices more energetically efficient, with the aim to have more sustainable products.
For this reason Solvay developed novel formulation by using Green solvents instead of standard flammable or toxic ones.
Furthermore, on the basis of this experience Solvay developed New crosslinkable polymers with high dielectric constant showing interesting performance in various applications, such as gate dielectric in OTFT

Speaker Biography (Alessio Marrani)

Alessio Marrani has graduated as a chemical engineer in Politecnico of Milan. He joined Solvay group in 2003 and worked since then in the area of fluorinated polymers as polymerization expert for our range of thermoplastic polymers fully and partially fluorinated. He focuses on polymerization process, recipes, post treatmennt and polymer properties. Alessio is the scientist leading the electro- active polymers development program since 2006. He filed more than 20 patents.

Company Profile (Solvay)

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A world leader in high performance plastics, Solvay Specialty Polymers offers an unmatched, comprehensive portfolio of over 36 product lines, available in more than 1.500 formulations. Among these we include Solvene® EAP electro-active family of piezo, pyro, ferroelectric or ferro-relaxor polymers, which combines excellent electro-mechanical properties with easy processing and flexibility for force-sensing, flexible displays, piezo switch applications and much more. It is with this, and our dedicated R&I team, that we are contributing towards taking human-machine interaction to the next level.
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