Iron Batteries As Low-Cost Reliable Stationary Storage (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2018)

Thomas van Dijk, CEO
E-Stone Batteries


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Presentation Summary

Nickel-iron batteries are invented in the beginning of the 20th century and are known because of their long lifetime, poor efficiencies and low charge rate capabilities. Anekdotes of a cycle life of more than 5000, service life of >20 years and material cost below 100€/kWh motivated us to study this technology again.
In this presentation we will show our recent advancement on our nickel-iron batteries enabling very low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity), reasonable energy densities (vs Li-ion), good c-rate capability and long lifetime.
We will present our view of how we see Nickel-iron batteries gain its place in the market next to lithium and lead-acid batteries initially for residential purposes of below 50 kWh.
Being inherently safe using aqueous electrolytes and environmentally friendly they offer great potential for stationary storage.

Company Profile (E-Stone Batteries)

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Our product combines an easy innovative fabrication method and uses a patented electrode formulation, making it possible to utilize the tremendous potential of iron. There is still nickel in our first nickel-iron batteries. But in terms of cost not more than there is lead in a lead-acid battery. The cycle life is already proven to be several times longer than lead-acid batteries and the energy density is 2-3 times greater. In future, we aim to replace the nickel for much cheaper variants (e.g. air electrodes)
The abundance, direct availability and global utilization of iron makes it ideally suited as the affordable clean-energy storage material, enabling energy storage for everyone, everywhere. Just take a look around you, from building materials to your body, the world runs on iron!
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