The Driving Force behind Energy Harvesting Power Solutions (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2009)

Mr Jim Vogeley, CEO
United States
2009 11월3일.

Presentation Summary

  • The goal for any energy harvesting power solution: communicating valuable information from functional sensors
  • The anatomy of a Power Solution
  • The ability of the power solution to provide a larger variety and/or higher volume of valuable information drives deployed commercial applications.

Speaker Biography (Jim Vogeley)

Mr. Vogeley has been active in AdaptivEnergy since 2001 as an independent technical contributor and Board Member. He became CEO in 2007. Prior to this he worked for Hewlett Packard Medical Products in various roles including Design Engineer, Marketing Engineer and Product Manager of Medical Personal Computers. Mr. Vogeley co-Founded Bio-Systems Research, Inc. which developed eye-tracking computer consoles for the handicapped. He invented the LCD projection panel and many related products, holding 17 patents in this field. He Founded nVIEW Corporation which he took public on NASDAQ in 1991 with a secondary offering in 1992. Mr. Vogeley, graduated with distinct honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Company Profile (AdaptivEnergy)

AdaptivEnergy logo
AdaptivEnergy designs, manufacturers and markets energy harvesting power solutions.
AdaptivEnergy's core products enable wireless sensing and asset tracking devices serving the Power Generation and Distribution (Smart Grid), Transportation, Industrial, Infrastructure, Building Automation, Aerospace, Medical, and Defense industries.
The Company provides power solutions and complete wireless sensor systems in collaboration with its industry partners. Headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia, AdaptivEnergy delivers its products through its worldwide technology, distribution, and manufacturing network.
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