The TLT Opto-Electronic Sensor - A New Paradigm In Blood Pressure Measurement (Wearable Europe 2018)

Dr Sandeep Shah, Co-founder and CEO
Tarilian Laser Technologies
United Kingdom
Mr David Pearce, Non Executive Director
ViCardio Limited
United Kingdom


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Speaker Biography (Sandeep Shah)

Sandeep is a leading pioneer in the Medtech and Digital Healthcare Industries and is a Medical Doctor, an international Medical Technology Development Expert with sector expertise in technology transfer, regulation, clinical research, market adoption and business development. He is an expert on blood pressure measurement and haemodynamics. Sandeep and his team at TLT have created a revolutionary new opto-electro-mechanical sensing platform which will revolutionise healthcare : see External Link and External Link. His award-winning companies have offices based in London, Welwyn Garden City.
Sandeep has served as a Global Medical Director, Board Director and Strategic Advisor to a number of Medtech companies and has a strong knowledge and expertise in technical and commercial development, as well as research in the medical technology field. Sandeep was a founder member of the Medical Devices (IPAC) committee of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence; and also Founder & Past Editor of the MedTech Business Review, a leading publication in the Industry which he initiated and developed; as well lead Advisor to The Medtech Investing Conference Series. Furthermore, Sandeep has established 5 leading University Post-graduate Medtech Programmes in Biomedical Engineering and also within MBA programmes. Sandeep is also a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Departments of Cardiology and Clinical Pharmacology, The Barts Heart Centre, London. Sandeep has previously held Senior Industry positions in the UK ABHI Council and Board and also EUCOMED - the leading European Medtech Association. Sandeep is also heavily involved within the new developments across the Asia-Pacific Medtech and Digital Healthcare Markets and has recently been appointed as SME Committee Vice-Chair of the APACMed - the Asia-Pacific Medtech Association.
Sandeep is a graduate of The Royal London and Barts Medical Colleges and Imperial College University.

Company Profile (Tarilian Laser Technologies)

Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) is a Medtech Company based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom ( Head Office and Labs). Our main clinical centre is The Barts Heart Centre in London, Europe's largest cardiovascular research centre.
Please see: External Link - On the front page, you will be able to directly access the 30 minute Bloomberg World-Wide Business Interview that summarises TLT.
TLT is an advanced Medtech SME and is 13485(2016) registered with solid competencies in medical engineering, research & development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and early commercialisation.
At TLT, we have developed a novel optical platform based on our internal proprietary patented opto-electronic micro-sensor for full haemodynamic profiling including our ability to generate beat to beat blood pressure, compliance data, cardiac output and regional blood flow and blood pressure. A unique aspect of the TLT Sapphire sensor is that no energy enters the body at all - hence it is truly NON-invasive and also we do not require any compression/ cuff and nor do we require any calibration in any manner.
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Company Profile (ViCardio Limited)

The ViCardio® solution is the first commercial offering of the novel TLT blood pressure sensor that has been developed by its parent company Tarilian Laser Technologies over the last 5 years.
Unlike other attempts at cuffless technology over the past 50 years, which have proved problematic and highly inaccurate, the TLT team have broken a major barrier developing a high-fidelity system that easily and without any energy entering the body accurately and effectively generates the most important surface physiological parameters that determine blood pressure. This patented technology will create a whole new series of applications in consumer and hospital care.
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