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17 Aug 2022United States
Using Sound and Bubbles to Make Bandages Sticker and Last Longer
12 Aug 2022United States
Human-Machine Interfaces Work Underwater, Generate Their Own Power
11 Aug 2022Germany
High-Tech Vest Monitors Lung Function
9 Aug 2022United States
Wearable to Detect Allergens, Fire Accelerants, Chemical Markers
5 Aug 2022United States
The Bacteria Powering a Truly Green Revolution in Personal Electronics
4 Aug 2022United States
VegSense Makes Sense for Forest Studies
2 Aug 2022United States
Stickers That Can See Inside the Body
2 Aug 2022United States
Flexible Device Harvests Thermal Energy to Power Wearables
29 Jul 2022United States
Wearable to Detect COVID-19 Before Onset of Symptoms
28 Jul 2022United States
CDs Inexpensively Recycled into Flexible Biosensors
26 Jul 2022United States
Smart Necklace Biosensor Tracks Health Through Sweat
25 Jul 2022United States
Patient Deterioration Predictor to Surpass Traditional Vital Signs
22 Jul 2022Worldwide
Webinar - Haptics Market: Embracing the Next Wave of Rapid Growth
22 Jul 2022United States
Wearables May One Day Help Predict Dementia
21 Jul 2022
Razer Acquires Interhaptics Revealing the Trend of Haptic Technologies
20 Jul 2022
Key Developments Reinvigorate the Insulin Pump Industry
18 Jul 2022Canada
New Printable Ink Electrifies Wearable Technology
13 Jul 2022
Digital Smell: The Sensor Opportunity Under Our Noses
13 Jul 2022United States
Durable Material for Flexible Artificial Muscles
12 Jul 2022Worldwide
Smart Earbud Will Measure How Astronauts Sleep