The Sixth Element We caught up with Sixth Element in Nanjing China in Sept 2017. We understand that Sixth Element had sales of 18 tpa last year. Its main success area is in anti-corrosion coating. Addition of graphene enables a reduction in Zn loading. Here, a high BET is useful which favours their materials over small exfoliated ones. Their main partner here is Toppen Technology. They are not yet in the battery business. They concede that BYD is currently using exfoliated (liquid phase) graphene which are more pristine. They are however developing suspensions which BYD is testing but not confirmed yet. They also have a TIM material (thermal interface material) which is commercial. They claim selling the graphene 300 rmb per kg (we hear prices around 500 per Kg from customers) Note that Sixth Element is a public company therefore it has to constantly make announcements. The Sixth Element