20 - 22 Mar 2024
Berlin, Germany

Event Summary

IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Yulin Wang will be speaking as part of the conference. The organisers say: "Get ready to supercharge your knowledge at the ultimate event dedicated to advancing thermal management for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV/EVs). Discover the power of choosing the perfect thermal interface materials and insulation technologies. Unleash innovation through cutting-edge simulation and modeling for pinpoint accuracy. Explore the hottest technical breakthroughs in thermal management systems. Slash complexity and product costs while staying ahead of market trends, legislation, and supply chain challenges. The EV/HEV Thermal Management Summit is tailor-made for executives, technical leaders, advanced engineers, practitioners, and experts driving the future of thermal management materials and technology. Join us, as we accelerate toward excellence and unite 150+ leading automotive companies on the road to success. Transform the electric vehicle ecosystem - Join us now!"

IDTechEx Attendees 2

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