Turnkey Battery Packs for CAM — Part Two, Benchmarking

03 May 2024 by Dr James Jeffs
There are many companies producing off-the-shelf battery pack products aimed at a range of industries with series production electric vehicles and machines, but in far smaller volumes than automotive. Typically, these companies market towards heavy-duty on-road vehicles, like buses, trucks, vans, etc. but also to off-road machines in the CAM markets. IDTechEx has built a database of nearly 200 battery pack products from over 40 manufacturers. In this premium article the offerings from these manufacturers are benchmarked against a variety of key performance indicators that are relevant to the CAM market. Gravimetric energy density, volumetric energy density, power density, longevity, maximum charging rate and more are considered, revealing which packs and which technologies meet the needs of a range of machines.
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