Dynamic Meshing - Next Gen WSN for the Dynamic World (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Dr Sokwoo Rhee, Chief Technical Officer
Millennial Net
United States


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Presentation Summary

  • The Dynamic World is increasingly connected, mobile and changing, and people and businesses are looking to wireless solutions that are more distributed and intelligent to detect and respond in real-time.
  • The Next Gen WSN delivers higher performance with ultra-low power mesh networking to reliably enable new applications with mobility and flexibility -- overcoming well-known limitations of many of today's mainstream WSN protocols with Dynamic Meshing and Advanced Power Management.
  • Numerous additional opportunities arise by coupling RFID, RTSL and Power Harvesting with this Next Gen WSN technology.

Speaker Biography (Sokwoo Rhee)

Sokwoo Rhee brings to Millennial Net unique interdisciplinary expertise in wireless communication and industrial and biomedical instrumentation. Before he joined Millennial Net, he was a research associate at MIT focusing on wireless biomedical instrumentation. At Millennial Net he developed the breakthrough design for ultra-low-power wireless instrumentation circuitry and the power-efficient ad-hoc networking protocol which make up the core of Millennial Net's miniature wireless sensor networking devices. During his career at MIT, he designed and implemented several innovative biomedical sensors for wireless physiological monitoring, including an ambulatory health monitoring device called the Ring Sensor. He also designed and implemented several novel electromechanical systems and time-critical embedded software environments, including a Windows NT-based, real-time operating extension. As Chief Technology Officer, he drives the research and development strategy for Millennial Net. Sokwoo holds an M.S. degree and a Ph.D. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Company Profile (Millennial Net)

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Millennial Net, Inc. is a world market leader of wireless mesh network sensor technology. The company's core MeshScape technology is the only wireless sensor networking solution available today that supports the unique requirements of low power and low latency, bi-directional and peer-to-peer to overcome critical challenges traditionally associated with wireless sensor networks. Millennial Net is a worldwide provider of commercial and industrial wireless networking systems and products for energy management, home and industrial automation markets, military and logistics as well as medical applications that enable users, OEMs and systems integrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless monitoring and control applications. Millennial Net is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.
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