Solar Ships - Possibilities for an Ecological Tourism all over the World (Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011)

Mr Joachim Kopf, Executive
Kopf Solarschiff


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Presentation Summary

  • Tourism and ecology
  • Different kind of solar boats
  • Solar boat projects all over the world

Speaker Biography (Joachim Kopf)

After his degree in Industrial Engineering and the additional diploma as an International Welding Engineer, Joachim Kopf worked several years as an engineering consultant in the field of waste water treatment. In the year 1997 he changed to the Kopf AG, and since that time he was involved in the building and the designing of solar boats with all the necessary technologies like solar panels, battery systems and also the welding technologies for the boat building. 2005 the solar boat sector inside of the Kopf AG was hived off, and Joachim Kopf founded the independent company Kopf Solarschiff GmbH. Until today he was involved in the building of more than 55 solar boats in different sizes and for different applications - located in many countries. His company is also specialized in a lot of themes around electro mobility and photovoltaic systems - such as the manufacturing of flexible and lightweight solar panels, lithium-ion-battery systems, off-grid installations as well as solar lighting systems.

Company Profile (Kopf Solarschiff)

Kopf Solarschiff logo
Kopf Solarschiff GmbH develops ecological products by intelligently combining high-tech and design. These products are the result of the responsible use of materials, energy and knowledge of ecological conditions and intensive development in cooperation with various institutes and universities.
Driven by solar power, the Kopf solarships create a symbiosis between nature and technology and thus an important perspective for those of us who are working towards a more ecologically conscious future that we wish to share in.
The experience of more then 10 years in solar ship building is reflected in more then 50 ships, which are in use in many countries all over the world.
All ships can be build also as electric ships or as hybrid ships or as custom-built ships.
Kopf Solarschiff GmbH develops not only ships with high solar standard, but also designed solar systems. We develop ecological products per combination of high tech and design.
Latest flexible copper indium gallium diselenide CIGS solar cells are increasingly used.
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