The Clash Of Silicon Valley And Racing (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Julia Landauer, Owner
Julia Landauer Racing
United States

Presentation Summary

Landauer's original presentation, "The Clash of Silicon Valley and Racing" will marry her worlds of Silicon Valley (where she graduated from Stanford University) and auto racing. Landauer will hypothesize how both auto racing and Silicon Valley/great auto industry can learn from each others' focuses by reviewing relevant topics such as alternative energy sources, wearables (monitoring driver vitals), Augmented Reality (AR) and electric vehicles.

Speaker Biography (Julia Landauer)

Julia Landauer is a 2-time championship winning NASCAR driver. After becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Track Championship at Motor Mile Speedway in her division in 2015, Landauer graduated to the televised NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, becoming the highest finishing female in the series' 62-year history.