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Analysts & Consultants

Dr Jonathan Harrop

Dr Jonathan Harrop - Director

+44(0)1223 812300
Dr Jonathan Harrop MA MSci PhD (Cantab) helped create the market research organisation Isis Electronics in 1992. At Isis Electronics, he was responsible for market analysis, editing, graphic design, printing and web development. He has been a director of IDTechEx since 2012 and has managed the analyst, marketing, editorial and IT teams.
Jonathan earned degrees in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and has published peer-reviewed academic papers on physics, chemistry and biology in journals such as Physical Review with a focus on computational science.
Research field
He has authored and co-authored dozens of market research reports on emerging technologies over the past 30 years from "Smart Cards in Transport" (1992) and "New Intelligent Printing Techniques" (1995) to 3D Printed Materials (2020). At IDTechEx, he has covered smart cards, printed electronics, 3D Printing, computers, neural interfaces, biosensors and robotics.
Raghu Das

Raghu Das - CEO

+44(0)1223 810275
Raghu Das MA (Cantab) is CEO of IDTechEx. He has a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, where he studied Physics. He has tracked emerging technologies for over 20 years, providing best-in-class global research and strategic advice. He has helped organizations large and small - from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups, enabling them to make the best strategic decisions based on global insight.
Raghu has lectured at over 500 events around the World and leads several research programs including topics covering materials, manufacturing and electronics. His analysis of these industries and market forecasts have been cited globally, in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.
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Yasuo Yamamoto

Yasuo Yamamoto - President, IDTechEx K.K. and VP Global Research Sales

+81 80 5425 8044
Yasuo Yamamoto, Manager of Business Development in IDTechEx Japan, has more than 30 years experience in the electronics, component and semiconductor industries. His various roles include Technical Management of Thick Film Paste development and applications, across a wide range of industries including multilayer capacitors, chip resistors, automotive hybrid circuits, plasma displays and photovoltaics. He has also been involved in Business Management in the photomask industry and has extensive international experience including assignments outside of Japan in manufacturing and process technologies.
Dr Xiaoxi He

Dr Xiaoxi He - Research Director, Topic Lead

+44(0)1223 812300
Dr Xiaoxi He is a Research Director at IDTechEx. Since joined in 2014, she has been conducting technology scouting and bench-marking, doing market research and analysis, providing player assessment and evaluation and offering business insights and opinions on emerging technologies. Xiaoxi has helped multiple customers to understand their technology capabilities for existing and various emerging markets, as well as to find out potential commercial opportunities and strategies.
Xiaoxi covers devices and materials technolgoies, which involves a deep understanding of diversified technologies and markets. She also leads IDTechEx's coverage and analysis of high-tech innovations in China, regularly interviewing key Chinese innovators and speaking at key conferences.
Xiaoxi is based in Cambridge, UK.
Xiaoxi obtained her PhD at the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she completed her MSc at the University of Ulm (Germany) on advanced materials and her BSc degree in physics at Shandong University (China). Xiaoxi has authored several publications in leading peer-reviewed journals. She speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and English.
Research field
At IDTechEx Xiaoxi has worked on next generation devices and materials such as micro-LED displays, emerging displays, quantum dot, perovskite solar cells, lidar and automation, facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, voice/speech technologies, human-machine interface technologies and advanced materials. She is also leading the energy storage research including solid-state batteries and flexible, thin-film, printed batteries.
A selection of Xiaoxi's work is listed below:
  • Xiaoxi helped a global electrical equipment manufacturing company to understand the existing products, emerging technologies, potential applications and market status of spatial light modulators.
  • A technology company would like to make strategic partnership with a promising solid-state battery company. Xiaoxi researched the field of solid-state battery and provided due diligence and appraisal of 9 leaders in this space from aspects such as technology, business, supply chain and partnerships etc., as well as offered independent opinions on these companies. This finally led to a strategic investment and co-development agreement.
  • An international automotive company was interested in affect/event-aware technologies used for automotive application. Xiaoxi provided an introduction to the progresses on the affect/event-aware technologies and offered analysis based on case studies focusing the following aspects: detected affects in the system, sense technologies, feedback/act for the system and algorithms. Commercial status and player evaluation were also provided in the research.
  • A global electronics company wanted to evaluate the quantum dots technology and commercial landscape. Xiaoxi supported the client in identifying, profiling, and assessing all the key quantum dot firms working across all material compositions (Cd, InP, perovskite, etc.) and applications (displays, lighting, SWIR sensing, etc.). Furthermore, she identified all the existing technology challenges facing the development of SWIR sensors and emissive QLED technology. On the latter, she examined the challenge of EQE for toxicant-free QDs, low luminance, lack of suitable blue materials, band alignment in stack materials and charge efficiency, printing or other production techniques, and so on. She led to conduct a review to outline all strategies being pursued to overcome these challenges. The analysis supported the client in developing a deep understanding of the landscape and in identifying what will need to be achieved to commercialize QLEDs in particular.
  • Xiaoxi has helped a multi-billion international medical company to find a flexible battery partner for their new device. Here, she identified the most suitable battery technology and chemistry that satisfied the clients energy, form factor, and size requirements. she then scouted the technology and market landscape to identify companies with existing or potential capability to address the need. she verified all the analysis and benchmarking by interviewing all the players. This enabled her to focus on a select few developers around the globe and to set up partnerships for our client.
  • Helped a fortune 500 company to form a technology ecosystem to commercialize a wearable product that requires a battery technology with a special form factor.
  • Helped a $3 billion company to identify how their nano-material can deliver value in advanced and post lithium-ion battery technologies.
  • Helped a $ 26 billion global company to carry out technology scouting and bench-marking on existing technologies in various areas that can be applied for emerging displays.
  • Provided technology and market research on energy harvesting for a $50 billion global company, covering all energy harvesting technologies as well as top players.
  • Helped an international company to conduct sensor business research.
  • Helped a global company to conduct market and technology research of advanced materials used for display applications.
Recent Work
Dr Richard Collins

Dr Richard Collins - Research Director, North America

+44(0)1223 810255
Richard Collins, PhD, is a Research Director at IDTechEx with specialist knowledge in advanced materials, thermal management, materials informatics, electric vehicles, and additive manufacturing.
Richard's work has included authorship of several IDTechEx reports, global briefings to subscribing clients, and delivering multiple custom consulting projects for billion-dollar companies. The range of analysis and projects has included granular market forecasts, strategy guidance, technology roadmapping, patent analysis, technology scouting, and investment due diligence.
Richard leads a team of analysts across varied topic areas, as well as having oversight of key research fields for IDTechEx.
The calibre of Richard's research at IDTechEx has resulted in international press coverage from numerous outlets including Materials World, Ceramic Industry, Plastics Today, Composites World, and many more. He has provided keynote presentations at conferences and technical masterclasses in 4-continents.
Richard was awarded his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford. He worked on the design and synthesis of organometallic catalysts as part of an industrial collaboration with a leading chemical company.
This has resulted in primary authorship of academic publications and review articles in peer-review journals. Prior to this Richard completed an MChem (first class) degree at the University of Oxford with a research focus on biodegradable polymers, which also resulted in a primary-author publication.
Research field
Richard plays significant roles in multiple topic areas:
Advanced Materials underpin nearly all scientific & engineering innovations. Richard leads this core research area with work including includes graphene & 2D materials, carbon nanotubes, aerogels, composites, lightweight metals, and more.
Materials Informatics is enabling a paradigm shift in the chemical and materials R&D. The technology leverages data infrastructure and machine learning to accelerate time to market. Richard is the lead analyst on this exciting emerging area.
Thermal Management is critical to a huge number of applications and a regular limiting factor or point of failure. Richard has authored bestselling reports on everything from the material considerations through to integration and end-use markets.
Additive Manufacturing is becoming an essential part of new product development and production. Richard has carried out research across the 3D printing industry, with specific focus on metals and continuous fiber composites.
Electric Vehicles is undeniably at the forefront of one of the largest revolutions seen to the mobility sector in a long time. Richard oversees the IDTechEx research team on this topic including the full range of vehicle categories, components, and associated infrastructure.
And more. Richard has carried out research beyond these areas into energy harvesting, structural electronics, structural health monitoring, and in-mold electronics.
Dr Nadia Tsao

Dr Nadia Tsao - Research Director, Personnel Lead

+44(0)1223 810296
Dr Nadia Tsao is a Research Director at IDTechEx where she has been driving the company's research in the life sciences. Her research spans a range of topics within healthcare, including digital health, bioelectronic medicine, and tissue engineering.
At IDTechEx, Nadia has authored research reports and articles, delivered custom consulting projects to multibillion-dollar companies, taught masterclasses, and co-organized the company's Healthcare Sensor Innovations conference and exhibition.
Prior to IDTechEx, Nadia was an Associate Consultant at Cambridge Healthcare Research, where she conducted market landscape analysis for pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies.
Nadia received her PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge and has a BSE in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University, where she also minored in Engineering Biology and Materials Science Engineering.
Research field
Luke Gear

Luke Gear - Principal Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 810264
Luke Gear is a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx with a specialist knowledge of electric vehicles, energy storage for electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage. Luke has developed an expertise in forecast modelling, technology road mapping, and competitive landscape analysis in these research areas.
Luke speaks regularly both at IDTechEx events and external events, sharing the latest insights on electric vehicle and battery trends. He has provided keynote presentations and technical masterclasses across three continents.
Luke is further responsible for overseeing the Electric Vehicle conference at the IDTechEx Show!, held yearly in Berlin, Germany and Santa Clara, California.
Luke is based in London, UK.
Luke holds a Master of Physics with First-class honours from the University of Bath, and studied a variety of topics including photonics, nanoscience and condensed matter. Luke's interest for sustainable energy began with his Master's placement at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, where he helped improve the efficiency of a piece of specialist scientific software. His work contributed to the ITER project, a fusion experiment in Southern France that hopes to be the first to generate a surplus of energy.
Before joining IDTechEx, Luke completed an internship at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, where he published a report and datasets on policy drivers for behind-the-meter energy storage.
Research Field
Luke is leading IDTechEx's research on Electric Vehicles. He is the primary author of reports on Electric Vehicles: 2020 - 2030, Electric Two-wheelers, Electric Leisure and Seagoing Boats and Ships, Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage and Smart Glass, and is a secondary author on many more electric vehicle reports. He further has oversight of IDTechEx's core electric vehicle forecasts, such as plug-in passenger electric cars.
Luke travels extensively, attending conferences and visiting companies for primary research in these areas.
  • Assessing demand growth for specific metals in electric vehicle powertrain components. An international council wanted a forecast of demand for copper created by the growth in electric vehicles and its associated infrastructure. We carried out a detailed assessment of the markets, identified and analyzed the key components using or likely to use copper, and developed various detailed market forecast scenarios.
  • Assessing the Market Opportunity for a Novel Battery Module. A multi-million-dollar technology and research company approached IDTechEx for commercializing a novel battery module with unique thermal management capabilities. IDTechEx validated the cost advantages of the module in different environments and leveraged an extensive network to carry out an assessment of the competitive and market landscape. A detailed analysis on pricing, technology choices, battery system structure and typical cooling techniques were provided, allowing the company to position their product more effectively on the market.
Phillip Trelford

Phillip Trelford - CTO

+44(0)1223 810 267
Phillip has been CTO at IDTechEx since 2016. Based in Cambridge (UK) he is responsible for IDTechEx's technology, including websites, journals and conference systems. Phillip has 30 years of commercial experience in software development, including video games, finance, retail, robotics and machine learning research. He is interested in AI, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Functional Programming (FP) and Programming Language Design.
He is also an active member of the software development community, regularly speaking at conferences, user groups and companies, running training workshops, collaborating on books, writing articles and contributing to open source projects. Phillip is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.
Dr Alex Holland

Dr Alex Holland - Principal Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 810 276
Alexander Holland, PhD, is a Principal Technology Analyst focused on Energy Storage technologies. His activities include technology benchmarking, supply chain analysis and market forecasts. Prior to joining IDTechEx in 2019, he worked as a product development analyst at a B2B renewable energy supplier.
Alex obtained a PhD in Electrochemical Engineering from the University of Southampton. He worked as part of an EU H2020 consortium with his thesis focussing on the development of a high rate, environmentally benign battery chemistry.
He also obtained a first class Masters in Physics from the University of Southampton and spent a summer at the National Physical Laboratory studying the electrical properties of graphene for use as an environmental sensor.
Research field
Alex works in the field of Energy Storage with an interest in technologies, applications and supply chains.
Previous research field
During his time as a PhD researcher, Alex authored three peer-reviewed articles and co-authored several more. He also collaborated on projects with a variety of topics, including redox flow batteries, UPS for demand side management and environmental analysis of emerging battery chemistries.
Dr James Edmondson

Dr James Edmondson - Principal Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812300
Dr James Edmondson BSc MPhys MSc PhD is a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Having started in 2019, he specialises in the field of market research for materials and thermal management across markets such as electric vehicles, robotics and telecommunications.
He studied for his BSc MPhys in Physics at the University of Warwick, he then went on to study for his MSc PhD in Analytical Science also at the University of Warwick. His specialist area was on the use of electrochemical scanning probe microscopy techniques for mapping structure and functionality of materials at the nanoscale. He has been the lead author of a publications in Applied Surface Science, ChemElectroChem and Analytical Chemistry.
Research Field
With IDTechEx James has focussed on the electric vehicle and 5G markets, considering the thermal management of these areas and the associated material concerns. James has completed reports on Thermal Management for 5G, Thermal Management for EVs, Thermal Interface Materials, Materials for EVs and Electric Motors for EVs. James also oversees the work carried out in IDTechEx's robotics portfolio. He continues to attend events and travel to carry out research in the above fields and has also completed bespoke consultancy projects in these areas.
  • Assessing demand growth for specific metals in electric vehicle powertrain components: An international council wanted a forecast of demand for copper created by the growth in electric vehicles and its associated infrastructure. We carried out a detailed assessment of the markets, identified and analysed the key components using or likely to use copper, and developed various detailed market forecast scenarios.
  • Benchmarking and opportunities for an electric motor technology: A manufacturer of electric motors for electric vehicles approached IDTechEx to provide an independent assessment of their technology and compare it to the options available on the market currently. This had the goal of assisting with their upcoming investment funding rounds. IDTechEx analysed parameters including performance (power, torque density, efficiency etc.), costs and environmental impact. The motor technology was evaluated against competing market options within relevant vehicle segments (cars, trucks etc.). An overview of the relevant patent landscape was provided along with total market forecasts and a specific addressable market forecast for the technology.
Dr Matthew Dyson

Dr Matthew Dyson - Principal Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812300
Matthew is a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, specializing in printed/organic/flexible/hybrid electronics. Matthew has previously been involved in academic research across a wide range of printed/flexible electronics topics, contributing to 15 scientific papers in well-respected journals and with an h-index of 9. As such he has a comprehensive understanding across the printed/organic/flexible electronics field. Matthew analyses technical innovations and applications across the printed/organic/flexible/hybrid landscape, publishing his analysis on the IDTechEx portal and in reports. He is based in London, UK.
Matthew has a BSc Joint Honours (first class) in Physics and Chemistry from Durham University, providing a broad understanding across both disciplines. After a PGCE and two years teaching physics in London he returned to academia, completing an MRes (with distinction) and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London. This research aimed to better establish processing/structure/property relationships in conjugated polymers, particularly in the context of insulator blends, and was conducted within Imperial College's Centre for Plastic Electronics that spans the Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science departments. More recently, Matthew was a post-doctoral researcher at Eindhoven Technical University as part of an EU funded Innovative Training Network (ITN), focusing primarily on organic photodetectors (OPDs) and sub-bandgap states in conjugated polymers. His research has also included work on hybrid perovskite photovoltaics/photovoltaics and aggregation induced emission materials.
Matthew covers the printed/organic/flexible/hybrid electronics space, which includes the following (often overlapping) topics:
Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) is an emerging manufacturing methodology that aims to combine the benefits of printed electronics with the functionality offered by mounted components. This enables PCB replacement in with lighter, conformal alternatives across many industries, and includes innovative technologies such as flexible integrated circuits. Matthew previously authored a report on FHE and is currently identifying and analyzing recent developments.
Conductive inks are one of the most developed markets in printed electronics, with screen-printed silver paste used to make conductive fingers on solar panels. However, there is still plenty of innovation in the sector, with the advent of particle-free, stretchable, and copper inks for applications as diverse as e-textiles and in-mold electronics (IME).
Printed sensors span a wide range of applications, ranging from large area image sensors to wearable electrodes. Matthew recently authored an extensive report covering the full gamut of printed sensor applications, which promise to combine sensing capability with flexible form factors and low-cost manufacturing.
Organic semiconductors underpin flexible displays, photovoltaic panels and even some image sensors. Matthew recently authored a report titled 'Materials for printed and flexible electronics', which covers organic semiconductors for OLEDs, OPV and OTFTs along with many other materials.
Transparent conductive films are a crucial technology for displays with capacitive touch and are likely to be increasingly important for transparent heaters in electric vehicles and even transparent antennas. Matthew tracks and analyzes developments in this field, which is especially interesting given the transition from rigid to foldable displays.
3D and additively manufactured electronics covers both established topics such as molded interconnect devices along with emerging technologies such as additively manufactured electronics and in-mold electronics. Printing Matthew has recently completed a report on this intriguing area that has the potential to disrupt both automotive and PCB manufacturing.
Printed/flexible electronics for automotive applications is a recently covered topic that highlights the emerging opportunities as the automotive industry undergoes the transitions to electric power and autonomy.
Photodetectors and image sensors are becoming increasingly important due to the twin drivers of improved machine vision software and the demand for short wave infra-red sensing for autonomous vehicles. Matthew draws on his experience in developing organic photodetectors to deliver technical insight and analysis in this topic and is currently preparing a report on innovations in this sector such as SWIR imaging and event-based vision.
If you would like to discuss an innovative and commercially applicable technology in any of the above (or tangentially related) topics so that it can feature in IDTechEx's reports, please get in touch at
Dr Yu-Han Chang

Dr Yu-Han Chang - Senior Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 810272
Dr. Yu-Han Chang is a Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx working predominantly on Advanced Materials.
Dr. Chang previously worked as an Etching Process Engineer in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from 2012-2014, where she gained experience of working with 16 nm to 40 nm technology.
Yu-Han has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Imperial College London. Her research was focused on charge carrier dynamics of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) thin-film solar cells utilizing transient absorption spectroscopies. Her Ph.D. work resulted in two first-author publications in the top 2% journals in the field of materials science: Advanced Energy Materials and Advanced Functional Materials.
She obtained her master's and bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan. Her master research focused on synthesizing Indium sulphide non-toxic layer for CIGS thin-film solar cells.
Previous Research:
Yu-Han has a total of 8 years of experience working with semiconductor and photovoltaic materials. She has also acted as an associate consultant for a London renewables start-up and evaluated the investment potential of expanding their business to SE Asia.
Yu-Han enjoys organising STEM outreach activities, promoting science and renewable energies to the general public. She had held 4 outreach events at Imperial College London and Science Museum London during her Ph.D. and acted as an ambassador for many more.
Dr James Jeffs

Dr James Jeffs - Senior Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 827 610
Dr James Jeffs is a Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Previously, James worked at WMG (University of Warwick) on the Triumph TE-1 electric motorcycle project, here he specialised on modelling, thermal management analysis and functional testing of control software. Before working for WMG, James also completed a PhD at the University of Warwick, focussing on thermal management for electric vehicles using complex heat-pump systems. Overall, James was involved in the area of electric vehicles for over 5 years prior to joining IDTechEx.
James studied for a BSc and MPhys in Physics at the University of Warwick. Following this he moved to the WMG department to complete a PhD in the thermal management of electric vehicles in low temperature climates, sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover. During his PhD he focussed on the optimisation of complex heat pump systems, utilising multiple heat sources and sinks, in an electric vehicle. During this work he demonstrated novel approaches to data analysis and redeployment of existing optimisation methodologies in new areas.
During his time in academia, James published two journal papers in MDPI's Energies journal, as well as authoring four conference papers.
Research field
James is working on autonomous vehicles research across a range of sectors at IDTechEx, including their environmental-mapping technologies. Beyond this, James remains interested in the thermal management challenges associated with battery electric vehicles.
Sona Dadhania

Sona Dadhania - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 827623
Sona Dadhania is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, whose work is spread across three focus areas: 3D printing, advanced materials, and sustainability. At IDTechEx, Sona has authored reports spanning numerous innovative topics such as metal additive manufacturing, low-loss materials, and sustainable packaging. She also provides clients with specialized analysis into dynamic technology fields and regularly presents at high impact conferences and trade shows to share her insight with broader audiences.
Prior to arriving at IDTechEx, Sona studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the US and Imperial College London in the UK.
Sona received her B.S.E. degree (Bachelor of Science in Engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Materials Science and Engineering and minored in Engineering Entrepreneurship. In her first year at UPenn, she was awarded the inaugural Science Ambassador Scholarship from Cards Against Humanity, a full-tuition scholarship for a woman pursuing STEM studies. In her last two years, she became extensively interested in the materials science underpinning 3D printing. This led to a senior thesis project on a novel conductive polymer resin to 3D print force sensors for applications in orthopedics and commercial footwear.
To pursue her interest in 3D printing further, she came to Imperial College London in 2019 to earn her M.Sc. in Advanced Materials and Engineering, where she was supported by the Thouron Award, a fully funded fellowship for post-graduate studies in the UK. During her time at Imperial, she extensively researched the 3D printing of a bioactive hybrid material for application in bone implants and cartilage replacements.
Research Field
Sona leads 3D printing research at IDTechEx, extensively studying the markets, materials, and technologies behind the industry. Aside from 3D printing, she is also engaged in advanced materials and sustainability research at IDTechEx.
Shazan Siddiqi

Shazan Siddiqi - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812300
Shazan Siddiqi is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx working primarily on Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure. Prior to Joining IDTechEx, Shazan has worked for an Automotive OEM focusing on their transition to industry 4.0 manufacturing practices. Here, he explored the commercialisation of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Cobots, AR/VR technologies and Big Data solutions.
Shazan holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with first-class honours from the University of Manchester and studied a variety of topics including mechanical engineering systems, fluid dynamics, material science, structures, additive manufacturing, robotics and engineering foresight. His research for his dissertation involved the use of advanced computational techniques to optimise pressure vessels for in-service conditions. His degree and past work experiences provided a firm foundation for his research at IDTechEx.
Research Field
Shazan has joined the Electric Vehicles team at IDTechEx and will initially be researching passenger and commercial vehicles along with their charging infrastructure. Other areas of interest include autonomous vehicles, drones, wearable technology and robotics.
Sam Dale

Sam Dale - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812300
Sam Dale is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, focusing on augmented/virtual reality and advanced materials. Before joining IDTechEx, Sam graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Chemical Engineering, where his interests centered on applications of machine learning in engineering.
Sam was awarded an MEng (Master of Engineering) degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London. Through his studies he gained wide-ranging engineering and technical expertise, in addition to strong analytical skills. During his degree he carried out research, in conjunction with the Turing Institute, concentrating on the development of digital twins of decontaminant sprays using computational fluid dynamics and machine learning. In addition to this, he worked on the development and commercial assessment of a novel low-carbon silicon production process and in a carbon capture pilot plant.
Academic research placements outside of Sam's degree studies included work to improve methods of processing phase-contrast MRI images, targeting improved outcomes for patients with heart disease, and data science-based development of models of multiphase fluid flow from a large industrial dataset.
At IDTechEx, Sam is responsible for research into virtual and augmented reality. Aside from IDTechEx's reports in this area, he has completed multiple bespoke consulting projects and pays special focus to material demands in the industry.
Besides this portfolio, Sam covers material informatics and small modular nuclear reactors, leveraging his academic background. He regularly presents for IDTechEx at domestic and international conferences.
Andy Ko

Andy Ko - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 810 284
Andy is a technology analyst on the Life Sciences team at IDTechEx with expertise in technologies across medical devices, cellular agriculture, and bio-based materials. Prior to IDTechEx, Andy obtained a MRes from Imperial College London.
Andy graduated from Imperial College London with a Master of Research in cellular and molecular biosciences. He has worked with several research groups, including a study on immune response to SARS-CoV-2 during the pandemic, and research on blast traumatic brain injury.
Andy received his BSc in Biological Sciences also from Imperial College London and completed his bachelor's project in brain development at the Sir Francis Crick Institute. He is also a contributing author of a published study of fossil ancestral sharks by X-ray microtomography in Papers in Paleontology.
Research fields
Andy is a researcher in the field of medical devices and sustainable technologies. He has authored IDTechEx research on medical devices including point-of-care biosensors and electronic skin patch devices. Additionally, he has written on the adoption of sustainable materials, and is the author of the report on bioplastics. Andy is also an expert on emerging food and agriculture technology, specifically on the topic of cultured meat.
Yulin Wang

Yulin Wang - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 827641
Mr. Yulin Wang is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx specialising in robotics.
Yulin has been working on service robots, agricultural robots, and collaborative robots at IDTechEx. His focus is on the hardware components as well as the navigation software systems of robots.
His topics Prior to joining IDTechEx, Yulin received his master's degree in medical robotics from Imperial College London, specialising in artificial intelligence, robotics and mechanical engineering. His research involved using computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect the intention of users. Prior to his master's degree, Yulin completed his undergraduate degree from both the University of Edinburgh and Dalian University of Technology, undertaking research projects ranging from using machine learning for carbon reabsorption and robotic 3D printing.
Brendan Beh

Brendan Beh - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812300
Brendan is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, working mainly in the Life Sciences division. Prior to joining IDTechEx, Brendan graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MSci in Natural Sciences.
Brendan received a MSci (Master of Science) in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 2021, having specialized in Physics with a particular focus in Biophysics and Soft Matter. His Master's project involved understanding the factors affecting the morphology of biofilm wrinkling via simulations, wherein he identified a key factor allowing for classification of morphology regimes.
His other work includes a research review studying DNA dynamics in the context of nanopore sequencing, with a particular focus on the influence the dynamics may have on the process and the possible advancements of nanopore sequencing. He has also previously undertaken a project looking at mathematically modelling wave scattering off acoustic metamaterials.
In IDTechEx, Brendan will be focusing primarily on the healthcare aspect of the Life Sciences division, looking to understand the technology and markets involved in the field.
Dr Tess Skyrme

Dr Tess Skyrme - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 812 300
Dr Tess Skyrme is a Technology Analyst supporting the company's research and consulting within sensor technology and electronics. Prior to IDTechEx, she was a PhD researcher at Cambridge University as part of the Quantum Sensor Group.
During her PhD at Cambridge, Tess studied the behavior of superconducting microwave resonators. Her project included the simulation and experimental characterization of material effects on resonator performance. This work in low temperature physics has applications in astronomy, earth observation and quantum computing. Tess also holds an MRes in Sensor Technology and Applications from Cambridge, this included a project developing a quantitative arsenic sensor for use in contaminated wells in remote locations.
Prior to this, Tess obtained an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Liverpool, during which time she undertook a research placement in the Laser Diagnostics and Combustion Lab at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Tess has co-authored a paper in a peer-reviewed journal and presented her work at multiple conference events both in the UK and abroad.
Research fields
Tess broadly covers the sensor space at IDTechEx, including the following topic areas:
Wearable Sensors includes everything from smart watches and virtual reality to skin patches and medical devices. The miniaturization of accelerometers and biometric sensors alongside innovations in batteries for mobile devices has seen the market for wearable technology grow significantly in the last decade. IDTechEx has closely followed the trends in this technology during this time and Tess is covering the latest trends in wearable use as the sector become more established. This includes projects on the use of wearable sensors for digital health and wellness.
Gas Sensor technology includes a vast range of sensing principles - including electrochemistry, photonics, and even AI. Despite being an older technology, emerging markets in the air quality, medical and industrial markets are placing new demands on the performance required for gas sensors. Tess covers the latest innovations and manufacturing and material science, alongside meta-trends such as mass-digitization and air quality hype driving growth in this field.
Dr Conor O'Brien

Dr Conor O'Brien - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 810298
Dr Conor O'Brien is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Conor's work at IDTechEx is predominantly concerned with the topic of advanced materials, with a focus on various 2D materials. During his time at the University of Manchester, Conor extensively researched elastomers reinforced with nanocarbon materials, working in the National Graphene Institute.
Conor received his BA degree (Bachelor of Arts) in Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from Trinity College Dublin in 2017. In his final year, Conor conducted his final year research project with Infineon Technologies in Munich, working on random number generation based on photon emission from defects in diamond nanopillars. Conor was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal from Trinity College, on the basis of receiving a first-class honours degree with exceptional merit.
Conor moved to the UK in 2017 to the University of Manchester. Famed for the isolation of graphene in 2004, the University of Manchester was a natural choice for Conor to pursue a PhD in advanced materials. Conor's research dealt with understanding the tearing mechanism of 2D material reinforced elastomer composites, employing the novel technique of X-ray computed tomography to image the internal morphology of the composite during tearing.
Research Field
Conor is working on advanced materials research at IDTechEx and is studying the markets and technologies behind the industry, with a focus on nanocarbons such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Aside from nanocarbons, he also holds an interest in other 2D materials such as boron nitride and TMDs.
Conrad Nichols

Conrad Nichols - Technology Analyst

+44(0)1223 827 614
Conrad Nichols is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, focusing on Energy and Battery Storage technologies. Prior to joining in 2022, he completed his MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, completing an integrated year in industry at Mondelēz International at their Bournville site. Here, he worked on projects ranging from waste management to data collection of chocolate rheology in manufacturing and R&D departments, respectively. His interest in R&D work led him to work for a research consultancy after graduating, working for multinational clients spanning a broad range of sectors covering Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Agritech, Energy and Sustainability. This experience and great interest in renewable energy systems allowed him to pivot from the Food and Beverage sector to Energy and Battery Storage. He is based in London, UK.
Conrad obtained an MEng (Master of Engineering) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham. Over the course of his studies and industrial placement, he gained technical engineering expertise and business insights for the running of a large food and beverage company. His MEng Research project involved investigating the mouthfeel perception of low-alcohol beers versus their normal-alcohol counterparts. This involved analysing gathered tribology data of various alcohol samples and comparing this with trends from existing research.
Aside from expertise in food and beverage, a key interest of his at University was in renewable energy systems. He took an optional module in his Master's year, which involved critically analysing two of National Grid's scenarios for a "net-zero Great Britain by 2050". This included investigating the supply and demand of hydrogen, and the use of interconnectors between countries for fluctuations in electricity demand.
At IDTechEx, Conrad is working in the field of Energy and Battery Storage with a particular interest in technologies, circular economies and the rapid growth of battery use in the coming future.
Leo Charlton

Leo Charlton - Technology Analyst

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Leo is a Technology Analyst with IDTechEx. His research interests are in quantum technologies and nanophotonics.
Leo holds a BA (Hons) degree in Music from the University of Leeds (2013) and a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics & Physics from the Open University (2020), both with First classifications. Electing to tailor his studies to understanding emergent quantum technologies, Leo subsequently attended Imperial College London, attaining an MSc Physics with Quantum Dynamics degree, with a Merit classification. His Masters project involved implementing an External Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL) to address a vibrational transition for Calcium Monofluoride (CaF). To do this, an ECDL in the Littrow configuration was subjected to ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and cooled in order to decrease the lasing wavelength. The ECDL was then characterised for stability via implementation of a feed-forward circuit.
Upon graduating from Imperial College London, Leo spent nine months as a postgraduate researcher on the ultracold CaF experiment at Imperial. The experiment is world-leading in the field of atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics, with the aim being to directly laser cool CaF to microkelvin temperatures, trap the molecules in optical tweezers, and investigate the electric dipole-dipole interaction between two molecules. Said interaction can be used to entangle the molecules, transforming them into qubits, thereby potentially paving the way for their usage in quantum simulation/computing devices.
At IDTechEx, Leo is conducting research into Semiconductor circuitry, their applications (such as for Photonics and AI Accelerators), and the challenges faced in their manufacture and adoption.
Chingis Idrissov

Chingis Idrissov - Technology Analyst

01223 827 625
Chingis is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, focusing on Hydrogen and Energy Storage technologies. Prior to joining in 2022, he completed his MEng in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, having undertaken research in areas such as hydrogen production, the use of machine learning for thermodynamics and bioprocessing.
Chingis graduated with First Class Honours from Imperial College London with an MEng (Master of Engineering) in Chemical Engineering. He earned a wide range of engineering, technical, and analytical skills and expertise during his degree. In his last year, he conducted research on the application of artificial neural networks to predict the thermodynamic properties of fluids. In addition, he worked in a team to design a novel large-scale blue hydrogen manufacturing plant as part of his final year design project. He also completed an academic research internship at Imperial College, where he was part of a team that worked with a multinational pharmaceutical company to improve their chromatographic separation process.
At IDTechEx, Chingis will initially be working on Hydrogen and Energy Storage topics with a particular focus on technologies surrounding blue and green hydrogen as well as the development of the hydrogen economy.

IDTechEx expert associates

Mr JR Kim

Mr JR Kim - Business Development Manager, Korea

JR (Jae-rin) Kim, IDTechEx Business Development Manager for Korea, has more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing across various industries including IT, chemicals and printed electronics.
He served as a VP in a public listed company specializing in printed electronics before joining IDTechEx, and throughout his career he has focused on developing new sales networks with international customers.
Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson - Business Development Manager

Teresa Henry

Teresa Henry - Business Development Manager

Teresa Henry is a Business Development Director at IDTechEx for research and reports. She spent 8 years working in South Africa for the blue chip company AECI Chlor Alkali and Plastics and was Editor for their in house journal. On returning to the UK she joined the leading international engineering consulting group Mott MacDonald working in business development and marketing research for the Middle East and South Asian regions. She later worked in international marketing for Diomed Ltd the world leaders in surgical diode lasers.
Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan - VP Research Sales (Americas)

Thomas has over 5+ years of International Sales experience while collaborating with companies throughout value chains in nearly 30 different Industries. Thomas has been with IDTechEx since 2017 contributing to several divisions. Initially, Thomas was a Sales Executive in the exhibit division where he directly supported and managed global exhibitors and sponsors providing them a valuable platform and successful experience. Beginning of 2020, Thomas transferred to the research division where he became a Business Development Manager in the USA Business Unit, where his current responsibilities are closely partnering with our existing Subscribers and promoting and encouraging our entire research product portfolio to any company that can benefit. Thomas looks to create options and opportunities for each company he works with.
Max DePhillips

Max DePhillips - Business Development Manager

Amina Bux

Amina Bux - Business Development Manager

Amina works with IDTechEx clients in California / Arizona/ South Carolina/ Oregon and Canada, supporting SME's to Fortune 5 companies by demonstrating IDTechEx's market intelligence platform, matching research reports and dedicating on-going support to our subscribers and customers. Amina has worked at IDTechEx since May 2019. Initially joining as an Inside Sales Executive qualifying incoming enquiries regarding our products and services, she quickly demonstrated her ability to match to a customer's criteria, coupled with excellent customer service and progressed to becoming the EMEA Business Development Manager, supporting customers there for 10 months before transitioning across to the USA.
Rasmy John

Rasmy John - Business Development Manager