A New World of Smart-Fabrics and their Applications (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Dr Jamshid Avloni, President & CEO
Eeonyx Corp
United States
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

* E-textiles - an emerging phenomenon in our lives
* Smart fabric heaters, & circuits, textile switches and pressure sensors
* Radar absorbing composites and stealthy antennas and windmills

Speaker Biography (Jamshid Avloni)

Dr. Avloni has more than 30 years of experience involving the chemistry of traditional polymers and 23 years in developing electrically conductive polymer materials. He leads development, production and applications of materials and devices at Eeonyx Corporation. Prior to joining Eeonyx Corporation in 1995, he was a Scientist at the Department of Chemistry of The University of Pennsylvania in the group of Professor Alan G. MacDiarmid (Nobel Prize in chemistry 2000).

Company Profile (Eeonyx Corporation)

Eeonyx Corporation logo
Eeonyx is the leading supplier of highly specialized engineered e-textiles. Eeonyx transforms fabrics into advanced, innovative e-textiles that promote comfort, ease of use, health, safety and security. Eeonyx textiles are ideal for high performance solutions in Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Defense, Healthcare, and Security. Applications for Eeonyx products range from making winter fashion gloves tough-screen active to repair composites for airplanes and windmill rotor blades to heaters for prevention of hypothermia in medical care to creating mapping networks for measurements of ECG and EEG activity. http://www.eeonyx.com
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