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Eeonyx Corporation

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Eeonyx is the leading supplier of highly specialized engineered e-textiles. Eeonyx transforms fabrics into advanced, innovative e-textiles that promote comfort, ease of use, health, safety and security. Eeonyx textiles are ideal for high performance solutions in Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Defense, Healthcare, and Security. Applications for Eeonyx products range from making winter fashion gloves tough-screen active to repair composites for airplanes and windmill rotor blades to heaters for prevention of hypothermia in medical care to creating mapping networks for measurements of ECG and EEG activity.
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Eeonyx Corporation
3 Aug 2022


Eeonyx is a US-based company developing conductive textile technology.
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2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
11 May 2016

IDTechEx Show! Berlin grows 27%

IDTechEx Research announced today that Europe's largest event on emerging technologies, IDTechEx Show! held in Berlin on 27-28 April, grew 27% vs. last year's event. This year's exhibition and conference featured attendees from 57 countries with 171 exhibitors and 2,300 attendees.
28 Apr 2016

IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016 Award Winners

The IDTechEx awards recognise company development and success across the topics of IDTechEx's conference. With a record number of entries in the two wearable technology categories this year, the competition was heated with an extremely high standard across all applicants. The awards were announced on the evening of Wednesday April 27th at the IDTechEx show.
4 Mar 2015

Piezoresistive Sensors - Part 3 of 3

This final article in the three part series looks at emerging technologies in relation to piezoresistive sensors. It covers quantum tunnelling composite (QTC), interpolation for large area sensing, piezoresistive textiles and artificial skin.
5 Feb 2015

Smart fabrics from Eeonyx Corporation

IDTechEx recently visited Eeonyx, a company making smart fabrics. The Company's customers include leading members of the defense, aerospace, apparel, medical and electronics industries.
9 Dec 2014

BeBop Sensors

BeBop sensors spun out from KMI in 2014. They provide flexible, smart textile sensors for OEMs, mainly based around measuring pressure, strain or torsion. They use print sensors onto fabrics using stretchable inks, and have excellent form factor.
21 Nov 2013

A New World of Smart-Fabrics and their Applications

Eeonyx Corp, United States
6 Dec 2012

A New World of Smart-Fabrics and their Applications

Eeonyx Corp, United States
2 Dec 2010

A New World of Smart-Fabrics and their Applications

Eeonyx, United States