Development of Isotropic conductive adhesive for metallic substrates used in RFID tag assembly (RFID Smart Labels USA 2006)

Mr Jay Shah, Senior Associate
Emerson & Cuming, United States


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Speaker Biography

Mr. Shah is working as a senior associate in new product development at Emerson & Cuming in developing adhesives and encapsulants for electronic circuitry and components assembly. Mr. Shah has MS degree in polymer science from the University Of Detroit and an MBA from Suffolk University, MA. Prior to joining Emerson & Cuming in 2001, he has over 10 years of experience in product development for wide range of applications. He owns two us patents and has published several papers in the area of underfill encapsulants and conductive adhesives. He is currently working on spot cure adhesive technology for RFID applications.

Company Profile

For over 50 years, Emerson & Cuming's focus has been on designing high performance adhesives, encapsulants, and coatings for electronic industries around the world. Our application focus has yielded material solutions in industries ranging from automotive, defense and wireless to new industries like RFID and printed electronics. Our novel snap cure isotropic conductive, anisotropic conductive and non-conductive adhesives enable low cost RFID tag assembly at high production speeds.
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