High Performing Lithium Metal Solid State Batteries For Electric Vehicle Application (Electric Vehicle Materials Europe 2020)

Dr Andriy Kvasha, Project Manager

Presentation Summary

Main results of collaboration between REPSOL and CIDETEC on the development of advanced solid state batteries will be presented, in particular, detailed description and experimental results of two high performing solid state lithium metal battery prototypes:
(I) Li/NMC622 with gel polymer electrolyte showed excellent combination of high energy density (375 Wh/kg stack+tab, and 1000 Wh/L stack+tab), high power density, remarkable cyclability (>450 cycles), wide operating temperature range of 25-60 ºC and thermal stability up to 140 ºC, demonstrated at 5 Ah pouch cells.
(II) Li/LFP with solid hybrid electrolyte demonstrated excellent cyclability (>3500 cycles) and thermal stability up to 201 ºC.