Development of Roll-to-roll Manufacturing Process & Equipment Technology for Flexible and Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Dr Seung Hyun Lee, Researcher
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

Presentation Summary

In this presentation, we will introduce about current research for roll-to-roll manufacturing process & equipment technology for flexible & printed electronics by Dept. Printed Electronics in KIMM. These include roll-to-roll printing technology for ultra-fine pattern and metal mesh TCE, roll-to-roll slot coating for energy device and TCE with Ag/Cu nanowire, roll-to-roll vacuum coating for OLED lighting, roll-to-roll micro/nano imprinting technology for functional film, IPL sintering process and roll-to-roll web transferring control technology. These roll-to-roll process & equipment technologies were applied to various flexible and printed electronics devices, such as OPV, OLED and TSP etc.

Company Profile (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials)

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) was established in 1976 initially under the name of the Korea Test Institute of Machinery and Metals, in order to improve industrial technologies in the field of machinery and metal working as well as to domestically manufacture machinery, thereby replacing imports and upgrading machine quality to international levels. The KIMM has thus far led the development of the field of machinery in Korea. With the backing of its 30 years of experience and research capabilities, the KIMM is determined to pool all its capabilities to develop into an agency that will lead the industry, academia and research institutes.
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