High Power, Flexible Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Dr Afarin Bellisario, Technology Licensing Officer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
United States
Dr Melissa Alyson Smith,
Microsystems Technology Laboratories
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Dr Afarin Bellisario) - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

• First demonstration of high voltage field effect thin film transistors based on organic semiconductors
• Low temperature (< 95 degrees Fahrenheit) processing, and roll-roll manufacturing for low cost manufacturing and integration with other printed electronics
• Patent Pending technology developed at MIT, by a group of scientists directed by Prof. Akinwande
• Applications include medical, automotive and other high voltage electronics

Speaker Biography (Afarin Bellisario)

Dr. Afarin Bellisario has over three decades of experience in semiconductors, advanced materials, communications, and signal processing. She holds both a doctorate in engineering and an MBA from MIT. Professionally, she has held executive strategy, marketing, and technical positions with Intel Corp., Analog Devices, BBN (now part of Raytheon), Booz-Allan and Hamilton, Shawmut Advanced Materials, and Fonix. Prior to joining TLO, Dr. Bellisario was the founder and president of Transtrategy Inc. a consulting firm specializing in commercializing technology in advanced materials and semiconductors. Her major clients included investment firms, major manufacturers of semiconductor and materials, prominent management consulting firms, venture capitalist, as well as two major universities. Her experience in licensing includes acquisition of $18 M 3G technologies for Intel Corp culminating in the Intel's entry in wireless markets and establishment of a division sold to Marvel for $600M. She is a mentor at MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS), as well as a Catalyst at Deshpande.

Speaker Biography (Melissa Alyson Smith)

Dr. Melissa Alyson Smith received a B.S. degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2006 and a Ph.D. degree in materials science and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2012.
She has had several summer internship in various industries, with work experiences at Deere and Company, 3M and Xerox.
She is a visiting scientist with the Microsystems Technology Laboratories at MIT researching the design, processing, and characterization of devices for flexible MEMS using novel materials. She currently works full time at IBM in the Semiconductor Research and Development Center in East Fishkill, NY.

Company Profile (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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