Large Area Organic Sensors For Security Applications (Sensors Europe 2020)

Jennifer Afalo,

Presentation Summary

With the development and accessibility of electronic devices to high number of people, demand of sensors for security application has been continuously increasing. Biometric sensors such as fingerprint sensors can be integrated into smartphone, payment card, locks. Current available technology can be limited to weight or cost when it comes to large area sensor. ISORG provides solutions of self-manufactured hardware & software for fingerprint matching on large area sensors based on organic photodiodes.

Company Profile (ISORG)

ISORG, founded in France in 2010 with 46 employees, a pioneer in organic printed electronics applications and development. ISORG produced the world first image sensor on plastic showing the ability to build a plastic camera with organic materials. Holding 15 patents, ISORG has received many awards that among at the FlexTech and FLEXI R&D conferences in USA.
In 2017, ISORG has opened a production facility in Limoges, producing OEM organic photonic sensors to be integrated in final products and offers complete services from proof-of-concept to mass production for innovative opto-electronics systems.
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