JNC Materials for Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Shinta Morokoshi, General Staff
JNC Corporation
Apr 04, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

1) We will introduce two types of ink-jet inks; thermal curable polyimide ink and UV curable ink.
2) Thermal curable polyimide ink has a good thermal and dielectric property, which is suitable for insulation materials.
3) Owing to its high sensitivity and high transparency, UV curable ink can be used for fabrication of microlenses.

Speaker Biography (Shinta Morokoshi)

Mr. Shinta Morokoshi is a researcher of Ichihara Research Center at JNC Petrochemical Corporation (formerly known as Chisso Petrochemical Corporation).
He received his M.S. degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Toyama in 2004.
Before joining JNC Petrochemical Corporation in 2007, he worked as a researcher at CCI Co., Ltd. and Hirose Engineering Co., Ltd. At JNC Petrochemical Corporation, he is involved in R&D of the ink-jet materials for making functional thin films.

Company Profile (JNC Corporation)

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JNC Corporation inherited Chisso Corporation's business and started operation April 1st, 2011. JNC will contribute to the society by developing original and high performance products such as liquid crystal materials, overcoats for color filters, OLEDs, etc. With a focus put on the latest social trend, we consider what will be required in the future. We will continue to create the cutting edge techniques and products.
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