Functionalized Graphene & Its Potential To Myriad Industry (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2020)

Mr Seongmin Chin, CEO
UDUCK Advanced Materials Co Ltd

Presentation Summary

  • Identity; UDAM's value position & role in the industry
  • Huddle in commercializing graphene
  • UDAM's strategic approach to overcome the huddle; Compatibility & Customization
  • Functionalized graphene (UCMG) & its potential to apply to various industry
  • Hybridization graphene with other materials (ceramic, metal, polymeric resin)
  • Case study and introduction on special BM of UDAM

Speaker Biography (Seongmin Chin)

Dr. Seongmin Chin is CEO & Co-founder of UDAM. He has a broad range of practical experience, ranging from advanced materials research, production, business development, management of high-growth companies, and project management. He received PhD in cellulosic-polymer composites research from Seoul National University and worked on materials development for passive components for 7 years at SEMCO (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) as a chief of part in department of organic composites. He has also differentiated insights in developing new materials and commercializing them.

Company Profile (UDUCK Advanced Materilas)

The core technology of UDAM is the ability to commercialize graphene, functionalize graphene for this purpose, and accumulate relevant composition and process know-how. Functionalized graphene of UDAM is mass produced with excellent price competitiveness and high quality by utilizing smart factory system. We produce a variety of GRMs based on our experience in commercializing new materials. In particular, UDAM's functionalized graphene has high expectations in capacitors, antistatic reinforced materials and differentiated market.
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