OMsignal Welcome To The Era Of Always-On Monitoring (Wearable USA 2017)

Ms Aldjia Begriche, Vice-President Smart Textile

Presentation Summary

Building on our 6 years of developing leading edge bio-sensing garments, we've developed in 2017 new smart clothing platform, enabling the quick development of bio-sensing garments for various industries and user cases. Leveraging state of the art smart textile components, we offer a wide range of garments (tee-shirt, undershirt, bra, camisole...) enabling new medical, industrial, research, wellness and sports applications. Partners can access the data and our extensive algorithms library through our API or SDK.

Company Profile (OMsignal Inc)

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OMsignal is the leader in accurate, continuous, biometric data collection in real life contexts. Our biosensing smart apparel platform is at the foundation of a new era of data-driven personalization for sport, wellness and healthcare. With over 1 billion heartbeats and 100 million breaths collected to date, OMsignal has taken medical-grade biometrics from the lab into the real world using the ultimate form factor - apparel.
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